As the season changes, so do my clothing choices. I’ve been searching for affordable clothing to wear during spring and summer. Unfortunately, it’s a bit hard to find cheap clothes that are good quality and fit my style. While watching a spring lookbook on YouTube, the creator mentioned an app called “Depop” and I thought it would be worth a download.

Depop is a mobile community where users can sell merchandise or buy items from other people across the world. Items range from books, records, art and articles of clothing. Popular brands like Brandy Melville and Tommy Hilfiger are featured on the app, as well.

I noticed that its design is comparable to Instagram’s artboard format, which makes it familiar and easy to navigate through. Pictures are displayed to showcase products, and they’re usually modeled by other people. Unavailable items have a large yellow stamp that says “SOLD” but can still be viewed without it in case users want to see the product.

Depop’s good quality items are often sold at affordable prices, and that’s the best part about it. I’ve been wanting a Hawaiian shirt, but I don’t have the time to go out and shop for one, so I looked it up on the app. I felt lucky to have found a wide variety of Hawaiian shirts that ranged from $5 to $15.

Items can be purchased through PayPal, credit/debit or in person. I haven’t bought anything yet because I’d like to trust sellers first before spending my money on whatever they are selling. To trust sellers, I recommend following their social media or contacting them if you have any questions. PayPal is also the safest payment method because it keeps your card information secure.

If you are like me and still trying to discover what your unique style is, this app is a good place to gain fashion inspiration from other users in the community. Since the app is like an Instagram and eBay hybrid, users can scroll through profiles for inspiration while also having the option to purchase the items.

Depop allows young entrepreneurs to make profit and buyers to purchase at desired prices. Since I’ve been on the lookout for jobs and haven’t been hired yet, I’ll be using this app as another way to gain money. I recommend this to people who are always shopping on a budget or want to widen the style variety in their closet.

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