‘Sweet Talk’ your way into desserts A small cafe that offers a variety of drinks, treats

Sweet Talk is a fairly new cafe that opened in November of 2019, with it’s diverse and lengthy menu. The dessert restaurant showcases new kinds of dishes with an even cuter and fresher ambiance with their joyful interior.
Rating: A
Photo Courtesy of Sweet Talk

5130 Spring Mountain Rd

Suite 107

Las Vegas, NV, 89146

Mon-Sun: 12 p.m. – 12 a.m.

Before heading to a show, my best friend and I wanted a light snack so we decided to try someplace new. After searching on Yelp for the newest cafe, we landed on Sweet Talk as it was the most recent, once we headed there and got inside we instantly fell in love over the adorable decor and their more adorable mascot, a joyful, pink pig. Being open for only several months now, the cafe has made quite the statement with its versatile menu and Kawaii-like interior.

Replacing an old Saver’s Thrift Store, Sweet Talk is located in a renovated plaza bringing in uncommon Cantonese desserts. The bright purple building Sweet Talk is in makes it easy not to miss and their turquoise and pink interior helps make the cafe even more noticeable from the other restaurants around it.

Looking around the cafe, it was obvious that Sweet Talk really caters to the social media scene, as they designed their place with many photo opportunities. Diners can sit at a normal patio table or even face the view of Spring Mountain road while enjoying their desserts.

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Right away we went up to the counter to explore their large menu. It took us a while since they do have many things to offer, but eventually, we landed on a drink for each of us and one dessert plate to share. After ordering, we sat in front of the windows and within 10 minutes, our drinks and dessert were in reusable containers and served to us on a wooden platter. 

Our drinks were very different from one another, my drink called Starry Night ($5.49) used tea and fruit as its base, whereas my best friend’s drink called Uji Matcha ($5.29) used matcha and cheese foam as its main ingredients. We specifically chose her drink because of the Hello Kitty stencil placed at the very top of the beverage, made using matcha powder. Choosing from their dessert menu was tricky since they have unique, exotic dishes we’ve never really heard of, so we played it safe and got the simple Strawberry Pancake ($6.09), the crepe was fluffy with its whipped and juicy slices of strawberry mixed in made it the perfect treat. 

Overall, their range for desserts and drinks truly surprised me, I have never been to a cafe that has over 50 items on their menu. Not only that, but no matter what you decide on, I guarantee that each one will satisfy your sweet tooth while not even being too overpowering. Sweet Talk truly stands out from the rest of the dessert cafes and I believe it will be a part of the Chinatown community for a long time. 

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