‘Black Tap’ more than just burgers and shakes Where the crazy flavors stop at the shakes

A popular restaurant that opened in late December with unique shakes. With their prices being to expensive I expected better food.
Rating: B-
Photo Credit: Adriana Cayetano

3355 S Las Vegas Blvd,
Las Vegas, NV 89109.
Open everyday 11:00 AM – 12:00 AM

Inside the Venetian, a new restaurant opened that serves giant portions and shakes piled with toppings. I, like many, heard of Black Tap because of their unique shakes and the only thing that stopped me from visiting sooner are the expensive menu items.

Once I entered the restaurant, I was greeted by a friendly array of employees who stood right in front of the giant neon sign. The party I was with had a total of six people, and to my surprise we were seated quickly.

However, we were sat in a small booth with no room to move and where music blared from all around. The restaurant had such a loud atmosphere where we had to yell to conversate with one another. We began ordering food after we were situated. 

The first item that we ordered were the fried pickles ($10.00). Unlike fried pickles you would order from other restaurants that come in spears, these were chips. They were a golden brown color and very crunchy, which I attribute to the breading around the pickle.  The taste was very mild and came with two different dips: ranch and mustard. I am not a fan of mustard, but I did use the ranch and it added a bit of sweet flavor to the sour pickle.

Since I was warned by our server that the portions were pretty large, I shared my Crispy Chicken Sandwich ($17.00) to share with one of my guests. The chicken sandwich was huge; it came with a fried chicken patty, lettuce, cheese and tomato between a crispy hamburger bun. It also comes with a side of fries and Korean sauce.

The patty had a perfect, crispy texture with a tender inside. Since there were so many toppings on the patty, it was a bit difficult to bite into and I had to cut it into pieces in order to eat it. The sauce added a bit of heat to the sandwich, not too much to the point where it was not enjoyable, but enough to add a smoky flavor.

The next item I tried was the Chili Cheese Burger ($19.00). The burger has a mountain of onion strings, lettuce and barely any chili. This disappointed me since the price was so steep. I am not sure what I had expected, but it was comparable to a burger from a fast food chain.

The last thing we ordered was The Chocolate Chip Cookie Shake ($15.00). The shake was made with a vanilla base and it had pieces of chocolate cookies inside. The shake was inside a cup rimmed with crushed cookies and topped with whipped cream, a cookie sandwich, cookie crumbles, chocolate chips and a chocolate drizzle.

The Cookie Shake was definitely worth the money since it was rich and creamy with cookies in every sip. This had to be eaten fairly quickly due to everything on top melting. Since it is so large, I would recommend sharing it.

Because of these downsides I felt like my experience at Black Tap was decent. The prices were definitely way too high for the quality of the food. In the little space I had, I did not enjoy that I had to yell over the music to talk to my guests. If I were to visit again, it would be solely to try more of their shakes.

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