‘Hash House A-Go-Go’ serves up big portions

“Darn tootin, have you seen the size of those darn platters?”

You do not have to necessarily talk like a southerner to appreciate that the farmhouse theme is alive and well at Hash House A-Go-Go. Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Hash House A-Go-Go is perfect for any time of the day.

As I arrived, I glanced around and already saw a majority of the tables occupied by hungry customers and busy servers running around. I watched the heaping plates of food being served and families enjoying quality time together. Not only was my sense of vision stimulated, but also my ears heard conversation and laughter, along with the sizzles and clangs of a busy kitchen. The smell was the most welcoming sense of all; the fresh smoked bacon, sweet maple syrup, warm buttery rolls, and strong brewed coffee lingered in the air.

After sitting down, I previewed the breakfast menu. It is divided up into eight different categories. The first that caught my attention was “House Hashes.” This is Hash House’s most recognized dish and is offered in several different variations ($12.00-$16.00). This meal consists of crispy potatoes topped with two eggs, served with fruit and a biscuit. Another would be “Farm Benedicts” ($11.95-$16.95) which is served on a fresh split biscuit with griddle-mashed potatoes. You may also want to take a look at their “Flapjacks and Waffles” category. You can order the traditional buttermilk flapjacks ($6.95) or experiment with some of their unique flavors, like Butterscotch Almond ($8.95) or Strawberry Frosted Flake ($8.95). This section also includes classic breakfast items including French Toast ($12.95) and waffles. Simple but unique, the vanilla waffle ($8.95) seem to be the most popular, but alongside that there is a bacon and sausage waffle ($10.95) for the adventurers.

I decided to try the Tractor Driver Combo ($13.95). Upon seeing the dish of eggs, bacon, country potatoes, and a brown sugar banana flapjack the size of a dartboard, I was surprised a tractor did not deliver it. There was a special treat located in the center of the flapjack; a sweet banana cut in half. The side selections took up the remaining space that was available on my plate. I grabbed my fork and knife and chowed down on this hearty plow-the-fields-all-day meal.

All in all, I was treated with authentic country hospitality in the middle of “The Entertainment Capital of the World.” Although it may be a bit pricey, the portion and quality of food was worth the money. This city slicker reckons I will be seeing all ‘em real soon.