Santa Claus goes modern in ‘Arthur Christmas’

Santa Claus is coming to town in one of the best movies this holiday! “Arthur Christmas” is the answer to every child’s question: how does Santa deliver all those presents on Christmas Eve? Director Sarah Smith invites audiences to a heartwarming experience with her funny, yet uplifting, film about Christmas’ true meaning.

The movie begins with a letter to Santa from a little girl who wants two things; a new pink bicycle and to learn the truth about Old Saint Nick. The letter is sent to the North Pole, which has significantly changed throughout the years. Santa’s sleigh is now a super-high-tech air craft that carries thousands of elves. Due to the newest technology at the North Pole, Santa Claus (Jim Broadbent) has become rather lazy and his son, Steve Claus (Hugh Laurie), has somewhat taken over the “family business.” When an elf finds a present that wasn’t delivered, Arthur (James McAvoy), Mr. Claus’ youngest and sweetest son, does whatever he can to make sure the present is delivered on time.

The creators of the movie did a wonderful job elaborating on the traditional Christmas tales or cartoons that air during the holiday season. The elves are “spies” that have inventive ways to deliver presents, while others work at a computer monitoring the “present delivery.” The Claus family is rather eccentric. Steve, Arthur, and Santa’s father, Grandsanta (Bill Nighy), steal the spotlight with their unique and infectious personalities.  All of the characters in the film are full of humor, and of course, represent valuable lessons about caring and giving, rather than receiving.

Additionally, the film was refreshing for older audiences that can relive the wonderment of Santa Claus. The adult audience was laughing just as much as the little ones. Seeing the “modifications” of the North Pole is amusing because of the multitude of hidden innuendos that adults can easily relate to.

“Arthur Christmas” is a great family movie for the holiday season. The characters, storyline, and dialogue make for a humorous twist on a classic Christmas story. Arthur is a perfect example of what Santa Claus should be and whom children have always believed in. He may be a teenager, but he still loves Christmas and all the cheer and caring that comes with it.