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With the ever-increasing amounts of responsibility rearing themselves in and outside the classroom, qualification barriers are created to separate the esteemed from the undesired in the workplace. Breaking down these barriers can be difficult, but manageable with the correct system of logic. Photo credit: Tyler Antonio.

Selling myself: surviving the interview process How I’ve learned to be presentable

Brandon Hatch May 4, 2015

It’s a common practice: people are given an opportunity to express their skills, they prepare in excess, and they go for it. However, their chances of success depend entirely on the content and presentation...

A lack of responsibility is my worst sickness—and this one is particularly contagious. 
Photo Credit: Mingson Lau

Living on the deadline How my occasional failure to be responsible affects my life

Brandon Hatch April 8, 2015

Each day, I seem to run in circles around my own required tasks until I grow tired and have to complete them anyway. Even now, this column is written after hours of self-proclaimed “preparation,”...

Compassion: A dying art

Compassion: A dying art How people have forgotten to understand one another

Brandon Hatch March 5, 2015

Have you ever been left behind, left out, had your hopes raised and dashed or been somehow ignored? The likely answer is yes, sadly making a lack of compassion a regular occurrence. I witness it on...

The bounty of new student drivers brings with it a surge of opportunity and independence for those taking on the responsibility.  Photo Credit: Tyler Antonio

Freshly paved The strife and sensation of being a new driver

Brandon Hatch February 18, 2015

With my young, unknowing eyes gazing down a painted row of guiding lines, I nervously attempt to shift from one thought to the next, paying mind both to my hectic surroundings and to the bickering...

With the commonality of electronic music comes the impending loss of a pastime from which we can all draw benefit, and this benefit can last much longer than a person may otherwise believe.  Photo Credit: Kevin Rodriguez

March to the beat of your drum—and learn to play it Why musicianship is an age-transcendent pastime

Brandon Hatch February 5, 2015

This week, the Southwest Shadow welcomes its newest columnists, Tyler Antonio and Brandon Hatch. Their column "Odds & Evens" will be posted weekly, with Antonio posting on even weeks, and Hatch...

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