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Prom ponchos

Prom ponchos The latest in school fashion

Isabelle Del May 5, 2018

A Catholic high school in Detroit is requiring female students to don a "modesty poncho" if they are wearing dresses that violate the school's dress code at prom.

The miseducation of Donald Trump

The miseducation of Donald Trump

Isabelle Del April 25, 2018

  President wants to cut the Department of Education’s budget from $68.3 billion to $59.1 billion.

Subscribing to gun control

'> Subscribing to gun control YouTube's brush with bullets

Isabelle Del April 9, 2018

A recent shooting at the YouTube headquarters in San Bruno left three wounded. The shooter, identified as Nasim Aghdam, ran a website that she claimed YouTube was censoring. Since then, Google has said...

The right to water

'> The right to water Flint's ongoing water crisis

Isabelle Del April 5, 2018

  Flint, Michigan still has yet to receive clean and safe water after the city’s water supply was switched from Detroit city water to water from the Flint river. Two hours away from Flint, Nestlé...

To kill a rhinoceros

To kill a rhinoceros There is only are only three northern white rhinos left

Isabelle Del March 19, 2018

Poaching and the civil war in countries like Dominican Republic of the Congo and Sudan have caused the dramatic decline of the rhinoceros population. Sudan, the last male northern white rhinoceros is...

Incredible news for Disney

‘Incredible’ news for Disney Disney sequels are bound to break the box-office

Isabelle Del March 6, 2018

After a 14 year slumber, Disney is finally releasing a long awaited sequel to the Incredibles. Disney's new sequels to classic favorites are bound to spur loyal fans at the box office. 

Trumps simple solution

Trump’s simple solution Teaching just got a lot harder

Isabelle Del February 26, 2018

Following the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Florida, President Trump suggested arming teachers with guns to defend themselves and students. 

For the safety of students

For the safety of students Time to take gun control into our own hands

Isabelle Del February 21, 2018

Updated 2/26 at 9:57 a.m. An adjustment was made to the language regarding the number of shootings that have occurred since the beginning of 2018 after an article by the Washington Post was issued that...

An even more convenient convenience store

'> An even more convenient convenience store The future we didn't know we were asking for

Isabelle Del February 15, 2018

Previously buying out Whole Foods, Amazon is now launching Amazon Go. Now open to the public, Amazon Go is supposed to be cashier less and checkout line free. Customers just have to scan a special Amazon...

Two steps back

'> Two steps back Yet another step down from last year's GRAMMYs

Isabelle Del February 5, 2018

Following the 60th annual GRAMMYs, Grammy president Neil Portnow has faced backlash for his "step up" comment. Female celebrities and executives are demanding for his resignation.

A dangerous delicacy

'> A dangerous “delicacy” A new meaning to 'clean eating'

Isabelle Del January 29, 2018

The internet's new running joke involves biting down on these mini detergent pods like they're pizza rolls. Since the viral uproar, Tide has released a video discouraging this trend.

All eyes on you

All eyes on you Time to cover up your cameras

Isabelle Del January 19, 2018

The government has been able to spy on us through our computer and laptop webcams for years. We're one big scandal away from turning into a Black Mirror episode.  

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