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Southwest Shadow

Exploring the top games of certain genres, we explore games that you might find interesting. From games that have gained popularity through the years such as Minecraft to games that are getting there shot Genshin Impact.

Video Games that you should try Five Video Games that you should play

Kalista Palarca February 17, 2022

Pink and Coral Hand Drawn Sculpture 3D Printing Visual Arts Infographic by Kalista Palarca [STUDENT]

Block coding on the new engine, Minecraft, sophomore Jaxson Mccoy begins to build various code compilations. Students have been exploring the many different features of Minecraft. “I love how easy it is to understand and repeat,” Mccoy said.“I know that for coding I should push myself, but this is a great way to start or learn to understand coding.”

Game program rebuilds with ‘Minecraft’ after ‘Roblox’ fallout New engine selected after ban

Kalista Palarca January 26, 2022

After Roblox was blocked by the school district at the beginning of the school year,  Digital Game Development teacher Ronald Barranco had to find a new gaming engine to teach the curriculum. Though Barranco...

INFOGRAPHIC: Importance of Positivity

INFOGRAPHIC: Importance of Positivity How a positive mindset can make a difference.

Kalista Palarca November 25, 2021

Positivity_Infographic by Kalista Palarca [STUDENT]

Students use Roblox to create their video games into reality

Students use Roblox to create their video games into reality Game Design set goal to create four functional games by the end of the year

Kalista Palarca October 6, 2021

Tasked with the goal to create four functional video games, the game development program uses Roblox Studio to bring their visions to life.  “If you spend the rest of the year making one to two games...

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