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PODCAST: Skin Care

PODCAST: Skin Care Everything You Need to Know for Healthy Skin

Finding what works for your skin can be hard, so we are going to talk about how to find the right products and skin care routine.



Kayla Thomas and Kamryn Baldenebro March 25, 2021

With a push for hybrid learning right after, this break might cause another rise in Coronavirus cases.

 Dine in at Hwaro Korean BBQ to sample a variety of different meats. With R&B playing through the speakers and written notes on the wall from past customers, it creates a fun dining experience.  Rating: A- Photo Credit: Kamryn Baldenebro

Cook for yourself without all the cleanup at Hwaro Korean BBQ EXPERIENCE EXCEPTIONAL FOOD AT YOUR FINGERTIPS

Kamryn Baldenebro March 16, 2021

Mon-Sun: 12 p.m.-11 p.m. 3650 S Decatur Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89103 Cash and cards accepted In Las Vegas, there are loads of undiscovered restaurants of all different cuisines. From mexican to french,...

 Over the course of four years, drastic changes occur. Whether it may be one’s style, personality, or even physical characteristics because of a growth spurt, this affects how we present ourselves and our confidence behind it all.  Art Credit: Dean

The reality of the golden years Navigating the inevitable growth in both our body, mind that evolve throughout high school

 Introduction High school transforms every students’ life, whether they realize it or not. Freshman year brings a whole new degree of eagerness and curiosity as students enter...

 While many students have turned to baking and singing during lockdown, sophomore Annie Lin began writing poetry to express her thoughts and emotions. “These past two weeks have been quite a journey and being able to see that people are sharing my poems and messaging me about how they relate warms my heart,” Lin said.  Photo Credit: Annie Lin

INSPIRING POET: ANNIE LIN Sharing her creative thoughts on social media

Kamryn Baldenebro February 23, 2021

Breathe in. Breathe out. Letting her thoughts bleed onto the page, she tries to form her emotions into words. Once her poem reflects the message she is trying to get through, Lin gets ready to click post....

PODCAST: Valentines Day during a pandemic

PODCAST: Valentine’s Day during a pandemic

Gurleen Swaich, Juliana Borruso, and Kamryn Baldenebro February 14, 2021

We discuss the realities of dating in high school in general, as well as in these circumstances, where relationships have to be largely online.

DRAW MY SHADOW: Sierra Prescia

DRAW MY SHADOW: Sierra Prescia

Kamryn Baldenebro February 9, 2021

Sophomore Sierra Prescia talks about life as a competitive dancer.

Southwest Shadow Asks: Karim Abd-Elmalek

Southwest Shadow Asks: Karim Abd-Elmalek

Kamryn Baldenebro February 2, 2021

Karim Abd-Elmalek gives insight to dream vacation spot, something he can't live without, and more into his personal life.

PODCAST: Against standardized testing

PODCAST: Against standardized testing

Truong Phan and Kamryn Baldenebro December 8, 2020

Standardized testing is one of the worst experiences for almost every student. Why? And what can be done to improve how comprehension is tested?

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