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PODCAST: Skin Care

PODCAST: Skin Care Everything You Need to Know for Healthy Skin

Finding what works for your skin can be hard, so we are going to talk about how to find the right products and skin care routine.

With a beautiful water fountain sitting in the middle of the open-walled Urth Caffe, the ambiance changes from a luxury mall to a calming and earthy environment. Paintings of harvesters picking fresh fruits and vegetables line the walls, giving customers a visual representation of the sustainably harvested and natural ingredients used within their products. Rating:APhoto Credit: Kayla Thomas

Indulge in all Natural Coffee and Tea at ‘Urth Caffe’ Taste the Rich Flavors at this Entirely Organic Coffee Shop

Kayla Thomas April 21, 2021

Inside the Wynn Plaza sits a calm, quiet cafe called Urth Caffe. Decorated with a beautiful water fountain and the azure, white and caramel theme makes this little place alluring along with its coffee,...



Kayla Thomas and Kamryn Baldenebro March 25, 2021

With a push for hybrid learning right after, this break might cause another rise in Coronavirus cases.

Where Are They Now: Allyana Gorospe

Where Are They Now: Allyana Gorospe Former Interior Design Student Pursues the Teaching Profession

Kayla Thomas March 22, 2021

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Building the bridges to a covid-free world

'> Building the bridges to a covid-free world How we were affected by the pandemic, and how we're

The pandemic's beginning spread To call the past twelve months chaotic would be the understatement of the millennia. Faced with a once-in-a-century pandemic that was uniquely infectious...

Keep Your Plants Alive With ‘Planta’

Keep Your Plants Alive With ‘Planta’ Get All the Help Needed For Thriving Plants

Kayla Thomas March 18, 2021

Taking care of plants can be time-consuming. Plant owners must do plenty of research on the requirements for them, such as the hours of light, and the amount of water and space that the plant needs to...

After junior Gabrielle Bagtas cold brews Butterfly Pea Flower tea, she pours it into a plastic cup. She focuses on adding the right amount of flavors to enhance the taste of the tea. “I really love changing up traditional and herbal teas into drinks that are more modern,” Bagtas said. “I think out of all the tea experiments I have done, I love making the color-changing tea.” Photo Credit: Gabrielle Bagtas

Making Life Beau-tea-ful: Meet Gabrielle Bagtas Living for the Aesthetic of Brewing Tea

Kayla Thomas February 25, 2021

With the sweet aromas of herbal tea filling the kitchen, junior Gabrielle Bagtas brews her favorite blend. Colors swirl around in her French press as she pushes the strainer inside of the cup down, squeezing...

Although there are plenty of options for college and in the workforce, teenagers are still learning what they truly want out of life. It will take time and a lot of self-analysis before they’re ready to take the next step. With their attention divided into academics, extracurriculars, their personal lives and enjoying their last few teenage years, there’s not always enough time to focus on their future goals. Photo Credit: Kayla Thomas

So Many Paths, So Little Time The Struggle of Planning Our Futures

Kayla Thomas February 16, 2021

Every year, high school counselors ask students the same question: “What do you want to do after high school?” And yes, I have given it thought - probably more than I should - but nonetheless, I have...

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