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Students in Jennifer Conder’s Chemistry class were tasked with creating a device that could keep water warm. Sophomores tested their creations in three trials and recorded data. “In project based learning there is always a guiding question,” Conder said. “Our guiding question is to design a device that can prevent the release of energy, an endothermic reaction, using water.” Photo Credit: Anika Aller

Chemistry students build hydro-flask like devices

Monserrat Mendieta
May 17, 2021
Students researched conduction, convection, and radiation to make a homemade device that keeps water warm.
Sleep better by applying five simple tips. Photo Credit: congerdesign


Monserrat Mendieta
April 30, 2021
Improve your sleep quality by taking showers before bed, exercising, and more.
As exams approach, AP Human Geography teacher Jessica Kelly is holding Google Meets on Saturdays to provide extra guidance and information for students. During these sessions, students listen to lectures, videos, and even play Quizlet games. “I am appreciative of Mrs. Kelly and all that she is doing to prepare us for the AP test,” sophomore Manmeet Kaur said. “Her dedication to teaching has really improved my knowledge and understanding of the topics covered in class. She goes above and beyond making sure that her students do well and I am grateful for that.”
Photo Credit: GeoJango Maps

Advanced placement students work together during weekends to prepare for upcoming exam

Monserrat Mendieta
April 21, 2021
AP Human Geography students attend meetings on weekends including, participating in lectures, discussions, to better understand test concepts.
‘Super Mario 3D World’ has been ported from the Wii U and is now on Switch alongside an entertaining additional storyline called “Bowser’s Fury.” Veterans and new players alike can both indulge in a well-loved game with some new tweaks. 
Rating: B-

Stomp on enemies in ‘Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury’

Monserrat Mendieta
March 30, 2021
Play as loved characters from the Mario franchise, engage in online-play, view new story content while completing a multitude of unique levels.
Being guided inside the school bright and early, a new set of ninth and twelfth graders enter campus for hybrid learning. They will be receiving in-person instruction for the first half of the day. “I am happy to see students return for Cohort B,” Assistant Principal Kendra Kelley said. “I was happy to see Cohort A students on Monday and Tuesday as well. The SWCTA campus was very lonely without students. Im glad to see those who chose to return in-person and that they are well and ready to learn.” Photo Credit: Matthew LaPorte

Cohort B returns to in-person learning

Cohort B starts in-person instruction and teachers see new group of students.
Freshman Natalya Cintron works on an assignment in her Health class. Several students have returned to the classroom following the reopening of schools. I do have worries regarding COVID-19, but the school is taking safety measures and not many people are actually in the classes, so I feel pretty comfortable being here, Cintron said. Photo Credit: Matthew LaPorte

Cohort A starts first day of in-person learning

Ahmed Ahmed and Monserrat Mendieta
March 22, 2021

After more than a year of remote learning, some students are returning to the classroom. Organized into different groups, today Cohort A, which is made up of 163 students, attended their 5th and 7th-period...

The Scholastic Crown Awards are known as some of the most prestigious honors for student journalism groups. Photo Credit: Columbia Scholastic Press Association

BREAKING: Southwest Shadow wins 2021 Scholastic Gold Crown Award

Monserrat Mendieta
March 19, 2021
Despite the difficulties of the ongoing pandemic, the Southwest Shadow persevered and won the renowned Gold Crown award.
Students in Jessica Kelly’s AP Human Geography class engaged in a discussion based on the knowledge they acquired in their agriculture unit on Mar. 2nd. In a socratic seminar like format, students talked about crops, types of farming, animal domestication and more. “We’ve been doing agriculture for a month now so we’ll be discussing any aspect of it, it’s fully student driven. I don’t say anything, they just talk. Its to show your knowledge and to see what your deficiencies are so you can ask your classmates questions,” Kelly said.
Art Credit: Monserrat Mendieta

AP Human Geography students discuss the ins and outs of agriculture

Monserrat Mendieta
March 16, 2021
Students in AP Human Geography delved into the intricacies of crops, farming practices, and more in their new unit on agriculture.
After nearly spending the whole year online, students are finally transitioning to a learning model that will allow certain students to be back on campus. Students were sent an email the previous week specifying which cohort they were placed in and a follow up link if students would like to change. “The other schedule put me in a consistent routine by now, so I’m kind of upset that we changed it so abruptly and just for the last quarter, ” junior Isabell Min said. “However, I’m excited for the fourth quarter and hopefully things will be normal by the beginning of my senior year.” Art Credit: Monserrat Mendieta

New schedule put into place for first day of new in-person learning plan

To accommodate in-person learning there is a new school start time, revised schedule, and more.
 Over the course of four years, drastic changes occur. Whether it may be one’s style, personality, or even physical characteristics because of a growth spurt, this affects how we present ourselves and our confidence behind it all.  Art Credit: Dean

The reality of the golden years

Truths behind freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior year.
Video games have changed a lot in the past years. Here are some characters that have stood out.  Photo Credit: olichel


Monserrat Mendieta
March 1, 2021
The stories and history behind loved characters such as Mario, Pikachu and more.
Maintaining optimal health by obtaining ample sleep, moderating caffeine, keeping a positive attitude and more is a crucial part of living a healthy life. Yet, the media has put an emphasis on bad habits that can have detrimental effects on one’s well being. What started off as simple self-deprecation jokes has now led to destructive behaviors becoming the new trend. Art Credit: Monserrat Mendieta

Not taking care of yourself isn’t ‘quirky’

Monserrat Mendieta
February 22, 2021
Not sleeping, caffeine addictions and more should not be romanticized on the internet.