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Unpaid internships in the United States hurt both college students and young adults alike. Yet, thousands of Americans still take up the position for various reasons, including college credit and work experience. But in the end, the benefits don’t fit the cost. Photo Credit: Maryland GovPics

EDITORIAL: UNPAID INTERNSHIPS LEAVE WORKERS WITH A RAW DEAL Thousands of college students are impacted

Southwest Shadow May 20, 2022

Let’s paint a picture. Jack is a struggling college student and an intern at the world’s biggest paper company, working tirelessly from 9-5 to appease the corporate sharks sitting in the big office....

See you in August!

See you in August!

Southwest Shadow May 16, 2022

Thank you so much for reading and interacting with us this school year. We look forward to telling your story again starting in August. Have a great summer!

EDITORIAL: The attacks on teachers must stop now

EDITORIAL: The attacks on teachers must stop now After the last two years, assault and battery are the last things educators need to worry about

Southwest Shadow May 9, 2022

An unexpecting high school teacher left-for-dead in her classroom after being ruthlessly sexually assaulted by a student. The April 7 incident at Eldorado sent shockwaves throughout the valley, shifting...

EDITORIAL:  Are our schools unraveling?

EDITORIAL: Are our schools unraveling? Classroom violence remains an urgent threat

Southwest Shadow April 11, 2022

A recent firearm-caused lockdown at Desert Oasis high school has ignited a political storm in the valley. Though the incident ended with the student getting arrested for carrying a gun on campus, the debate...

The U.S. is facing another economic disaster due to a multitude of factors including the war in Ukraine. But how can President Biden solve the potentially catastrophic issue and what does this mean for the future of green energy? Photo Credit: Ahmed Ahmed

EDITORIAL: Getting out of this energy crisis requires an all-hands on deck approach The war in Ukraine, plus devastating inflation, have gas prices skyrocketing

Southwest Shadow March 22, 2022

The Russian invasion in Ukraine is fundamentally changing the world. Gas prices across the nation are skyrocketing due to the global and horrific war in Eastern Europe, war-torn pipelines, and economic...

EDITORIAL: Affirmative Action — If ended, then mend it

EDITORIAL: Affirmative Action — If ended, then mend it A race-based program is not the only fix for inequality

Southwest Shadow February 26, 2022

Higher education’s flagship policy for promoting racial diversity is as close as it’s ever been to its end. Affirmative action, which provided preferential treatment to Black and Hispanic students...

EDITORIAL: The case for a grand voting rights compromise

EDITORIAL: The case for a grand voting rights compromise Protecting democracy in a sharply divided congress

Southwest Shadow February 2, 2022

The Biden Administration’s defeat on voting rights legislation has shed a spotlight on the issue in recent weeks. Though a majority of senators support the Freedom to Vote: John R. Lewis Act, the attempt...

The decade-old dress code has concerned student thought for as long as it existed - the misogynistic code is based on standards that are years old but still are dictating what students wear in school. Art Credit: Ahmed Ahmed

EDITORIAL: The dress code is outdated – change needs to happen An open discussion with students could solve the long list of misogynistic issues

Southwest Shadow January 24, 2022

Protests like the one at Shadow Ridge High School a few months ago, where some students were cited for wearing "political clothing,” have brought forward issues with CCSD’s dress code policy. Though...

Education reform makes a splash - but not without its critics

Education reform makes a splash – but not without its critics Progressive loosening of standards has strong advocates, opponents

Southwest Shadow November 30, 2021

Students averaging a 26% in their classes. Parents terrified that their children can’t recover their failing grades. Black and Hispanic people facing severe punishment from teachers and administrators. The...

2021 Best of (Teen) Las Vegas

2021 Best of (Teen) Las Vegas

Southwest Shadow October 18, 2021

For the seventh year in a row, students are telling us their choices for the best of the best in Las Vegas. With the vaccine becoming more widespread, what we know as Vegas is starting to come back....

Reviewing content from last year, Spanish teacher Geri Barnish teaches her Spanish II students amidst a shortage of teachers across the county. “We’re all exhausted, we can barely keep one thing in our books, and the demands are just so overwhelming. Eventually, teachers are going to be rebelling because the wages they are being offered are hard to retain,” Barnish said. Photo Credit: Rhamil Taguba

EDITORIAL: MORE EFFORTS SHOULD BE PUT TOWARDS RELIEVING TEACHERS’ STRESS Educators are being swamped by a myriad of problems in the new school year

Southwest Shadow October 6, 2021

Last year was undoubtedly one of the most challenging years for teachers around the country. The raging pandemic forced teachers to upend their curriculums and teach remotely - a change that was difficult...

The previous lockdown has had a significant impact on education nationwide. As students return from virtual learning to in-person, a threat of another lockdown looms against the adjustment. Being at home affected me negatively harmed me socially and physically. I felt isolated being home all the time and I felt pressured to change my life, junior Heron Yonas said. Photo Credit: Rhamil Taguba

EDITORIAL: Another lockdown would be bad medicine Delta cases continue to rise in Clark County, but another shutdown isn’t the cure

Southwest Shadow September 14, 2021

New cases and deaths from COVID-19 are spiking in a record-breaking third wave. In the state of Nevada, seven day averages are rising to 1,000 new cases daily, far more than the 200 cases daily seen in...

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