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Southwest Shadow

Checking for more business opportunities, sophomore Amir Rostamzadeh shares his enthusiasm and passion towards the world of business. He showcases his business skills through the sales of computer part lists and wants people to realize how interesting PC building really is. “Computers are so built into our lives that it surrounds us everyday,” Rostamzadeh said “I like building them, so why not make a business out of it?” Photo Credit: Amir Rostamzadeh

PC list maker: Meet Amir Rostamzadeh Building a computer with personalized parts lists

Truong Phan May 3, 2021

Clicking through a list of computer parts, sophomore Amir Rostamzadeh stretches his back in the chair. After spending hours online, the list is finally finished. He compiles the parts and prepares to send...

Preparing to record an audio file, sophomore Amir Rostamzadeh is contemplating the emotion he wants to add.The recordings were due on Monday, Mar. 1st. “It’s an interesting and engaging way to read,” sophomore Amir Rostamzadeh said. “It keeps my attention, unlike traditionally reading with the class.” Photo Credit: Amir Rostamzadeh

English 10 students begin reading ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’ Sophomores will create record a specific diary entry to create an audiobook

Truong Phan March 18, 2021

Students in Cathy Sabol’s English 10 Honors class are switching it up and are creating an audiobook to begin their new read: “The Diary of Anne Frank.” “I wanted a refreshing way for students...

PODCAST: Music as a hobby

PODCAST: Music as a hobby

Truong Phan March 4, 2021

During this episode, learn about the different instruments that are great for beginners, the reasons to play an instrument as a hobby, and more.

Preparing for the presentation, students in Spanish II are using different sentence structures to explain their daily routine. The projects will be presented on Friday, Feb. 19. “The sentence structures you see in English don’t necessarily exist in Spanish,” Thomann said. “By learning the correct sentence structures through this project, [my students] will be able to communicate more effectively and with greater confidence.” Photo Credit: Vianne Zhu

Spanish II students begin new unit on daily routines vocabulary Foreign language learners will create a presentation utilizing reflexive verbs

Truong Phan February 19, 2021

Students in Ana Cristina Thomann’s Spanish II class are creating presentations about their daily routine using reflexive verbs. “It’s for students to find a creative way to share with their classmates...

PODCAST: Balance between both school, work

PODCAST: Balance between both school, work

Julia Jauregui, Truong Phan, and Lily Gurdison February 9, 2021

Planning a specific place and time for working on homework is difficult when your work schedule doesn't coordinate. What can be done in order to create that time management?

Photo Credit: Gene Jeter

INFOGRAPHIC: Fitness myths Learn the truth behind the myths surrounding fitness

Truong Phan February 2, 2021

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