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Fitness: An uplifting lifestyle

Tyler Antonio April 23, 2015

After returning home from a regimented day at school, my mind will still be fixed to that systematic mentality. It’s been structured without flexibility, limiting opportunities to express myself....

Relying on motivation hinders progress and makes it difficult to find a starting point.  Photo Credit: Tyler Pebble

Initiative: A daring effort

Tyler Antonio March 17, 2015

Reflecting on the amount of ground I've gained in life, I’ve realized how much more progress I could have gained for myself. I've traced how much I trail behind due to my lack of initiative and fail...

Acquiring a part-time job accentuates many aspects of a person’s character.  Photo Credit: Brandon Hatch

Beyond the classroom

Tyler Antonio February 25, 2015

With nothing substantially important to do after a long day at school, I often wonder how I can go about making a productive use of my time. The block schedule staggers my work across the week, preventing...


Online Athleticism

Tyler Antonio February 4, 2015

This week, the Southwest Shadow welcomes its newest columnists, Tyler Antonio and Brandon Hatch. Their column "Odds & Evens" will be posted weekly, with Antonio posting on even weeks, and Hatch...

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