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Getting a summer body for free

Getting a summer body for free Actions speak louder than words

Vincent Dagan May 7, 2019

Planet Fitness is allowing teens from 15 to 18 years-old to work out for free from May 15 to September 1. However, some students aren't taking the opportunity to get fit. Instead, they plan on staying...

The blindside

The blindside Our lives have become more digital than real

Vincent Dagan April 5, 2019

Sometimes, people feel so invested in one thing that they block out their surroundings. Phone usage is a good example–people get so caught up in checking social media or texting others that it leads...

The college admission ATM

The college admission ATM Most beneficial way to help your child

Vincent Dagan March 19, 2019

Wealthy parents, actresses and coaches were charged for carrying a nationwide fraud to get students into universities. Many of these parents even bribed the universities for certain privileges while taking...

Youre cordially invited...

You’re cordially invited… A paradigm shift

Vincent Dagan March 8, 2019

I grew up friendless, for the most part, which is why I never celebrated my birthday with any one but my family. Now, my sweet 16 is coming up, and I'm actually having a party–with friends. [poller_master...

They call me Mr. Independent

They call me Mr. Independent When will it end?

Vincent Dagan February 28, 2019

Although I don't consider myself the best in academics, I have a good understanding of Avogadro's number. However, my peers in Chemistry are having a hard time learning it, so they're constantly asking...

Flying to Cloud 9

Flying to Cloud 9 Feb. is definitely a month of love

Vincent Dagan February 18, 2019

Valentine's Day has passed, but the month of Feb. still seems to be a good time for love. I feel like cupid has struck me hard this time. [poller_master poll_id="857" extra_class=""]

Nothing says champions like burgers

Nothing says ‘champions’ like burgers President serves fast food for the Clemson Tigers

Vincent Dagan January 24, 2019

To celebrate the Clemson Tigers's win over Alabama in the National Championships, President Donald Trump served fast food to the team. Some of the fast food chains included McDonald's, Wendy's, Burger...

Take a look at Ol Faithful

Take a look at Ol’ Faithful Government shutdown leads to trash in national parks

Vincent Dagan January 18, 2019

Due to the current government shutdown, National Park workers aren't getting paid to do their jobs. As a result, trash isn't being cleaned as visitors litter the parks. [poller_master poll_id="823"...

Just like it’s 2004 again

Just like it’s 2004 again Treating small issues like big ones

Vincent Dagan December 12, 2018

My brother and I are in our teens, yet we still fight like children. After the recent disagreement we had, I’m starting to realize that we should grow up and settle our arguments differently. [poller_master...

The dangers of Black Friday

The dangers of Black Friday When the Internet is a safe place

Vincent Dagan December 5, 2018

Cyber Monday has become a lot more cheaper, safer, and less stressful than Black Friday shopping. [poller_master poll_id="784" extra_class=""]

After all these years ...

After all these years … Something new for a change

Vincent Dagan October 24, 2018

After years of being told "no" from my parents about anything that seems too distracting from my school work, they have finally allowed me to dye my hair blue.  

Scary clowns for hire

Scary clowns for hire Goodbye, Fright Dome

Vincent Dagan October 16, 2018

The owners of Fright Dome announced that it will not continue Circus-Circus' long-time October tradition this year. As a result, Fright Dome supporters have been demanding the owners to bring it back.  

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