The following words are one that describe adulthood perfectly.  Photo Illustration: Alex Nedelcu

The following words are only some that describe what an adult should act like.
Photo Illustration: Alex Nedelcu

Age is just a number. Seventeen is not much different from sixteen, and therefore not much different than the magic eighteen. The day you have a birthday is nothing but a legal way of implying you have more freedom.

Eighteen is simply a personal test. When you are eighteen, you can live alone . When you are eighteen, you do not have a curfew. Eighteen, in its own sense, is the key to unlocking your true potential. All of a sudden, the activities you were restricted from accomplishing under the label of a child are lined up in front of you, and you (the now eighteen year old) can do nothing but give in to the temptation.

But, what makes you independent at the age of eighteen? Does a sixth sense suddenly grow in your mind that symbolizes the fact that you are new and improved? Does this automatically mean that you can live alone? Do you feel like you can freely make the wrong decisions?

[vision_pullquote style=”1″ align=”center”] Personally, I do not believe that eighteen is a magic number. [/vision_pullquote]

Personally, I do not believe that eighteen is a magic number. It is safe to say that eighteen does come with numerous advantages. You can now sign for yourself, and do not need a legal parent or guardian. You can sign up for the military.

For example, most people my age are most eager to move out of their parents’ house. What they do not realize is that if they can hardly turn in their homework, they probably won’t be able to turn in their bill payments on time. Living alone is a huge responsibility, and a lot of people around me do not realize that.

A majority of people actually turn even less responsible upon reaching the age of adulthood from my observations. All of the years spent before turning “the magic number” are years where people often redeem themselves. Yet, some take this opportunity to go against the generic thought process, under the impression that they are no longer a child, and can make life-changing decisions, such as buying their first deadly cigarette, or even getting married.

It is easy to remain humble and on the right track, even after you reach the magic age. However, it is even easier to go down the wrong path, and potentially ruin your chance at a fortunate life. The solution is simple: stay humble and do not get carried away just from turning a certain age. Age is just a number.