It’s 5:22 a.m. and after hitting snooze for the fourth time I finally manage to drag myself out of bed. Another day, another routine, another… adventure? The biggest decision I make while getting ready for my day is whether I’m going to wear jeans or yoga pants. No “cute” outfit will make my day any less insane. Although, some way or another, I never seem to make it out of my house on time.

My school days are hardly just “going to school.” There is always some element of stress or struggle to deal with; it’s nothing major, but enough to drive me up the wall. Will my brother and I ride in awkward silence on the way to school? Will my friends annoy me today? Crap, I forgot to bring a dollar for Cheetos today. Everyday is something new, but somehow seems so redundant. One class may have a test and another class may be strictly book work for an hour and half. Once the last bell has rang, I prepare for the next event of the day.

Typically, I go home, after driving home in utter silence, and eat a snack. Once I do so, I completely regret eating that snack due to the large amount of calories I had consumed… Awesome. Then, off to pick up my baby brother at school. While driving home, he finds some piece of trash lying in the car and starts poking the back of my head with it. I can’t help laughing, but this only adds another annoyance to my day.

Now, whether it is a Monday afternoon or Tuesday or Friday, I go to one of my two jobs. On Mondays, I walk to the next street over where I babysit two little boys, a six year-old and a one and a half year-old. I enjoy my babysitting more than anything, but when I have mounds of homework to finish, babysitting isn’t so great. As for the other days of the week, I work my other job at Justice- Just for Girls. Here, I am the youngest of a bunch of college students. Not to mention, the rude customers that talk to you like you have no idea what you are doing. Juggling two jobs and school isn’t always as wonderful as my paycheck makes it out to be. Once the week is over, I’m exhausted- mentally and physically.

Finally, I’m home and it’s time to eat again. Usually when I come home after work, I get the leftovers. Delicious. After stuffing my face, it’s time for homework. Whether it’s writing an essay or writing a entertainment review for journalism, I always seem to find myself procrastinating. Typing Facebook into my address has become a sad, sad habit. Although, my motto has been the same for year, “I always get it done,” and I do, somehow. It’s time for bed, I get my comfy purple blanket, plug in my iPhone, and curl up in my bed.

Uh oh, I forgot to turn my alarm on…