In the FBI we (should) trust Don’t let the Nunes Memo be status quo

Despite being the branch for the people, Congressional decisions have recently been more partisan than necessary. From this Nunes Memo to the recent tax reform bill, it is important to question whose side our representatives are on. Photo credit: Lawrence Jackson

Recently, a memo compiled by House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes was released, claiming that the FBI has abused their surveillance power. In the memo, House Republicans assert that the FBI and Justice Department are biased against President Donald Trump, citing controversial evidence from sources like the Steele dossier to prove that the Russian investigation is invalid.

Personally, I see this memo as an attempt by the Trump administration and their supporters to nullify the investigation altogether. Whether Republicans have political motives or they genuinely believe the FBI is partisan, their ultimate goal is to secure President Trump in office.

However, despite their criticism, the whole purpose of the FBI is to remain objective, which I believe that is what special counsel Robert Mueller was trying to do. Several people associated with President Trump such as Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort and George Papadopoulos have already pleaded guilty to perjury because of the investigation. These connections should be enough reason to justify the Russian investigation instead of deeming it as a hoax by those who are anti-Trump.

Additionally, not only has the FBI suggested the memo as inaccurate, but House Democrats have also comprised a memo of their own, arguing that the Russian investigation is necessary and justified. However, it must be noted that even though the intelligence committee can vote on whether or not to release the memo, the ultimate decider of whether the public can read it is President Trump. Only he has the authority to publicize classified information. 

Although nobody can accurately predict the future, it can be assumed that President Trump would not want to release the Democrats’ memo, especially considering how he has continued to disapprove of the investigation and how he believes the Nunes memo already “totally vindicates” him.

I am not going to go off on a tangent about political conspiracy theories, but it is important for there to be a certain level of transparency between the government and the public. While I understand that confidential information should not always be released, the Nunes Memo encourages idea that our justice system is unreliable when that is not necessarily the case.

Situations like this only perpetuate the idea that the government in general is corrupt and shall not be trusted. If the masses are to have faith in federal officials, then we must first be given a reason to. In order to form an impartial opinion on the entire Russian investigation, President Trump should approve the Democrats’ memo and let the public decide for themselves who is in the wrong.

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