The most common New Year's resolution is to lose weight. Some are able to shed the pounds while others struggle and continue eating junk food.<br/>Photo Credit: Southwest Shadow Staff

The most common New Year’s resolution is to lose weight. Some are able to shed the pounds while others struggle and continue eating junk food.
Photo Credit: Southwest Shadow Staff

The ball drops at the strike of midnight, and it is officially a new year. People, such as myself, make new goals to achieve for the next 12 month period. Some are successful at meeting their resolution, while others, fall short; sadly, I am one of the people who never accomplish their new year’s resolutions.

Many issues can conflict with accomplishing a resolution. Money, time, work, and school are just a few of the tasks that can stop people from completing their yearly goals. For me, it was the fact that I procrastinated. For example, one of my past goals was to help out around the house more. Everytime I thought about making my home a cleaner place, I always said “Five more minutes. Five more minutes, Brittnie.” Of course, I never made any effort to spruce up the place. I actually decreased in the amount of cleaning I did.

For this upcoming year, I want to feel accomplished for achieving my resolutions. Next year will be the year that I make it work. I decided to add losing weight to my long list of resolutions, but I added a little twist. As I learned from my previous resolution, I need to give myself some sort of motivation in order to succeed; since I attend concerts often, I can use them to my advantage. If I do not lose at least five pounds by the next concert that I plan to attend, I will not go no matter how badly I want to! Of course, I still have to maintain this routine, so I can successfully accomplish my motivation. With each concert event, I will increase my goal of pounds lost by five. With this motivation, my number one resolution will be taken more seriously.

New Years bring several opportunities to change the negatives in our lives and to start again fresh. Sure, I will not be able to change my entire lifestyle in just a year, but I can still try to fix my bad qualities. Every new year is a chance for change, and it is my choice to act; that is why it is called the “New Year’s.” The process might be difficult and I might fail, but it is better to make an effort to bring effective changes than to make no effort at all.