This contest is now closed. Congratulations Mia Ordonio!

With the arrival of October and Halloween preparations, the Southwest Shadow wants to know: what is the weirdest nightmare you’ve ever had?


  • Entries must be school appropriate
  • Comment on this post with the weirdest nightmare you’ve had
  • Students must log-in to comment (make sure your username is your first and last name)
  • The winner will be chosen randomly by the staff of the Southwest Shadow. Entries will close on Nov. 1 at 1 a.m.

Prize: Starbucks gift card

  • Franchesca Joey Fajardo

    My weirdest nightmare was when I looked up at the ceiling and then a man looks back at me but I just kept walking because I thought he’d jump off and land on me.

  • Aicha Sama

    My weirdest nightmare started out with me in the middle of the woods. I was standing there confused and suddenly characters from many different horror movies started coming towards me. There was Ghostface, Annabelle, and Freddy Krueger just to name a few. The closer they got the more frightened I became. At the last moment I jumped up extremely high and landed then ran away. After running for a few seconds I was suddenly teleported to the library. I started looking around for books and I found one I liked. I went to the librarian to check it out and she was faced the opposite way. When I approached her, she slowly turned around and I screamed in shock. She was a zombie! I threw down the book and ran for my life and I was teleported to Walmart. The same thing happened where I looked for something, went to buy it, and realized the cashier was a zombie. This happened at 2 more locations after Walmart which were Target and In n Out. After that I woke up very confused.

  • Kendall Cain

    The weirdest nightmare I’ve had was my family and I were being held hostage on a play ground! He kept yelling at us to slide or go down the fire pole. Then he would tell us to walk and the bridge of the play ground lead to my house where inside was covered in foam blocks and he would make us crawl though it. At the end of the dream he was only holding us hostage for a slice of pizza.

  • Mia Ordonio

    I somehow ended up at Coney Island with 3 random girls I didn’t even know. It was a gloomy day and we were all in bikinis ready for the beach. I’ve never been to Coney Island nor do I know much about it but in my “Coney Island”, there was a ginormous arch on the shore of the beach. It was basically an arch shaped ladder like 500 ft. tall. We all started climbing, beach towels in hand, and by the time we were all at the top we could see the whole park and everyone looked like tiny ants below us on the shore. If we looked to the left below us we could see the whole theme park. 500 ft. in the air, we all paused on all fours to absorb the scene below us. Suddenly the girl in front of me slips in between the bars and falls straight down 500 ft. We all gasp and watch her fall face down in mid air. Her body hits the ground face down, really hard onto the sand. The 3 of us remaining on the bars are completely shocked. Our eyes are so wide they look like they’re about to pop out of our face and our jaws are dropped so low they may as well fall off. As we stare at her body it doesn’t make a move. We all can assume she’s dead. Suddenly her head lifts up from out of the sand. Mortified, I woke up.

  • Samrawit Misiker

    I have these recurring dreams in which I’m driving uncontrollably for hours while screaming, but I always end up unscathed.

  • Valentine

    The weirdest nightmare I’ve ever had was I saw a man who had mushrooms growing on his head. He looked at me and said “Can I have a hug?” Then I started was running from him, screaming. He started chasing me and I thought of flying. So I jumped in the air and I was floating in the sky. The man stopped and looked at me when I was flying and I was flew away from him. After flying in the air, I somehow appeared in McDonald’s stealing a happy meal. Workers at McDonald’s tried to stop me but then I started flying again. I threw a chicken nugget at one of them on the face and that worker got so mad, he pulled out a gun and pulled the trigger. I got scared and tried flying away as fast as I could then I woke up.