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Congratulations Benedicte Rubangura!

As the new year begins, many take the time to reflect on 2015. One of the biggest shared memories of 2015 includes trends, so we want to know what your favorite trend of 2015 was and why.


  • Comment on this post with your favorite trend in 2015 in two to five sentences. Can be social media related, current event related, celebrity related and so on.
  • Entries must be school appropriate.
  • Students must log-in to comment (make sure your username is your first and last name)
  • The winner will be chosen randomly by the staff of the Southwest Shadow. Entries will close on Jan. 31 at 11:59 p.m.

Prize: Starbucks gift card

  • Khloe Faria

    My favorite trend was the “stay hydrated” meme. It was pretty funny, but honestly it got me to drink water more and now I’m not ashy 24/7.

  • Michaella Garcia-Harris

    My favorite trend was one direction’s new album which is fire.

  • Zhen Wen Yu

    My favorite trend is the “Just Do It” meme. I love it because it’s both funny and motivative at the same time. It tells you to do what you want to do and that you can do anything if you can put your mind to it. Although it seems motivative, it’s also really funny. “JUST DO IT!”

  • Rachelle Garduque

    We said “Hello” to 2015 by welcoming the superb dancing shark during the Super Bowl which then had people questioning if a dress was either blue or gold. People supported ALS by completing the Ice Bucket Challange using the phone they had before upgrading to Samsung Galaxy Note 5 or Rose Gold Iphone 6s. Everyone also lived the future on October 19, 2015 at 11:41am which had people nae-naeing on their hoverboards while singing “Hotline Bling” at the top of their lungs. As 2015 approached to an end, people brought back their light sabers and wished that the force may be with everyone for the upcoming new year.

  • Heather Macias Padron

    Shia LaBeouf’s inspirational video sure made us laugh and think, “Is that really LaBeouf?!” But what really mattered about this video, was that the video simply screamed “INSPIRATION”. With his important words “Don’t let your dreams be dreams”, this possibly opened up a new spot on our New Years Resolution encouraging us to never give up.

  • Cheska Cueto

    I really, really liked the John Cena meme. It’s not offensive humor so the worst thing it can do is annoy people, and the theme song is actually quite catchy. It reminds me of rick rolling.

  • Benedicte Rubangura

    My favorite trend of 2015 was snapchat filters! They took the world my storm. Whenever you’d look over at somebody, they wouldn’t just be talking a selfie. They would be opening their mouth wide or bulging their eyes out, trying to make a rainbow fall from their mouth. Almost ever student I know had a photo of themselves on snapchat with fake tears pouring from their eyes with a caption “Me doing my homework.” Eventually when you scrolled to the left, our own school even had TWO snapchat filters. They’re so fun and brought us millennials together.

  • Austin Tang

    As I was eating ice cream with Drake, he accidentally got “whipped” cream on his striped sweater while waiting on a hotline. John Cena showed up out of nowhere with Donald Trump, and advised Drake to not rub the stain, but “dab” it.

  • Rahel Yimenu

    I think people across the globe got into their feelings when Adele released “Hello”. She really left a mark on the music industry with a song that made us both cry and laugh. It was a great song to end 2015 with, and had us saying “Hello” to the new year.