200 political candidates to attend ‘Candidate Night’ Politicians at local, state, federal levels attending

Government teacher Adam Cegavske and his senior classes will be hosting the first Candidate Night on Tuesday, Oct. 18th at 5:30p.m. to promote community involvement in elections. Over 200 political candidates, parties, the Secretary of State, Department of Elections and the Clark County Registrar of Voters are among those planning on attending.

“We’re having this event as a senior PBL to get kids more involved in the election because a lot of them are 18 or pretty close,” Cegavske said. “What a better way than have them meet the candidates they can potentially vote for and invite them here so the community can meet them as well?”

The event was coordinated by the students as part of their project. Seniors were required to contact their candidate, interview them and encourage them to attend.

“It’s a great way for students to get involved civically and create excitement for the election so that they can meet candidates, meet people that are representing ballot issues and really see politics in action locally,” Assistant Principal Trish Taylor said. “I’m hoping the excitement of Candidate Night will encourage students to stay involved in local politics and even if they don’t want to be involved, at least be aware of local political issues.”

Students will help their candidates set up their booth, register to vote if they are of age and have a Nevada ID and change their voter registration. Everyone in the community is invited to attend.

“Candidate Night is new and unique,” senior Janeen Soria said. “It’s very beneficial because most of the candidates coming are from Las Vegas and it keeps students informed on who is willing to make changes within our city.”

Seniors will also give presentations to underclassmen and reach out to the community to advertise the event.

“Seniors are giving presentations to freshmen in Computer Science, sophomores in World History and juniors in US History to get them to come,” Cegavske said. “Students are also reaching out to their communities, local businesses, community groups and media, as well as creating a social media campaign #SWCTACandidateNight to promote this event.”

Food and drinks will be prepared by the Culinary Program and other programs and clubs will be selling snacks to fundraise at the event.

“Being educated about candidates is crucial,” senior LJ Aligaen said. “People must know what the candidates stand for because these are our potential leaders. We as American citizens must elect those who we think are the best. We cannot know who would achieve what we want without being educated on the candidates.”

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