Alumni Days rescheduled Former students expected to visit in spring

Due to later college exams, Alumni Days has been moved to second semester to allow for more graduates to attend.

“I love coming back to catch up with older teachers and see what has changed around the campus,” alumni Amanuel Ghebremicael said.

In the past, Alumni Day was run by the graduates and involved a tailgate before Homecoming and a second visit in the spring. While a new date has yet to be determined, all graduates are expected to be invited.

“The last couple of years we have had more alumni want to attend than we had available classrooms for them to speak to students,” Community Partnership Coordinator Craig Statucki said. “The alumni association will work with the administrative team and teachers who have participated in the past to determine what works best for current students.”

Once a date has been set, alumni will be notified of how they can sign-up. Teachers will then be provided with a listing of the alumni to select for their classes.

“I like seeing my old students and having them impart wisdom, especially the older ones who have graduated college or gotten married and then come back,” AP Literature teacher Mr. Albert Ocampo said. “It’s always nice to see people who are kind succeed.”

Alumni Day was initiated the year following the Class of 2012’s graduation with the goal of offering insight into the college experience.

“Teachers typically volunteer to have alumni talk to their classes about their experiences since leaving,” Statucki said. “It allows our students to hear about the alumni’s experience and ask questions about college.”

Those interested in participating in this event should look to for an announcement  regarding an official date in the coming weeks. The information will also be shared via @southwestshadow on Twitter.

“When they come to visit I want to ask if the stereotypes you hear about college, like the freshman 15 are true,” senior Samrawit Misiker said.

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