Annual movie night fundraising for Homecoming Snacks will be provided

Sophomore Student Council member Bianca Horst advertising the annual movie night to sophomore Kylie Tang. StuCo will be hosting a movie night on the field on Sept. 29. “The movie night is really a great time for [students] to spend time with friends,” Horst said. “By participating in school events like movie night you [become] more involved with the school and get to bond with others.” Photo Credit: Eriyale Williams

As one of many fundraisers planned for Homecoming Week, Student Council will host their third annual movie night this Friday at 6 p.m.

“I hope students can take this opportunity to have a good night and hang out with their friends,” senior StuCo President Courtney Jersic said. “Hopefully it helps students enjoy school in a different way.”

The movie ‘Ponyo‘ was chosen by the student body on the online voting website. Up, Moana, Sing and Lego Batman were the other options.

“We opened up voting to the students so they can pick what they want to see,” sophomore student council member Bianca Horst said. “This way more people want to come to the movie night.”

Tickets can be bought from any StuCo member for $5. Popcorn and water are included with the purchase of each ticket.

“[Stuco] bought two new popcorn machines this year, ” Horst said. “Along with popcorn, there will be a variety of different candies sold, so I advise students to bring money to be able to buy them.”

Students can bring blankets, pillows and chairs to the field. A screen and projector will be setup on the field and the grass area will be available for students to sit.

“I’m really looking forward to this event,” freshman Myren Quicho said. “I like being able to hang out with friends, so I’m sure I will enjoy the movie night.”

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