Culinary Arts cafe ‘The Howl House’, projected to open Sept. 18 Cafe will be open from Tuesday to Thursday

Juniors Idaliah Butler and Kaitlyn Combs work on the schedules for the upcoming “Howl House.” Culinary Arts Instructor Ruben Numoz had opened a similar cafe in the past called The Coyote Cafe. “The goal is by the end of the year students can have more of a choice on what to eat before school and during lunch,” Culinary Arts Instructor Ruben Munoz said. Photo Credit: Eriyale Williams

To give the Culinary Arts student real-world experience, Chef Ruben Munoz will reopen the student-run cafe with juniors and seniors serving a continental breakfast

“My hope is that students who don’t feel like Culinary Arts are for them can have the chance to get their hands on experience so they can change their minds,” Munoz said. “So instead of wanting to be [a doctor], they decide to stay in the program.”

Nutrition guidelines for the school cafeteria, which must follow strict rules because of the Clark County School District’s participation in the National School Lunch Program, are different than what must be followed in The Howl House.

“The Culinary Arts program doesn’t have to follow these guidelines because it is not government funded,” Munoz said. “This gives kids more options on what they can eat at school during breakfast or lunch.”

The cafe will be open from Tuesday to Thursday before school and during lunch; however, if students visit the cafe regularly, Munoz will consider expanding to Monday and Friday and adding more items to the menu.

“Right now we are starting with pastries and drinks,” Munoz said. “The pastries we have are blueberry muffins, lemon poppyseed muffins, strawberry and cream scones, lemon and rosemary scones, apple danish, raspberry danish, cherry danish, a variety of cookies and cinnamon rolls.”

The Coyote Cafe started in 2014, but due to a lack of student commitment, it failed to stay open.

“Each time we would have kids excited to start and there would be 30 kids signed up,” Munoz said. “By the end of the year there would only be one person and the cafe would no longer work. So, all I ask is that the juniors and seniors have [the] commitment and don’t let the same things happen again.”

Juniors and seniors have spent the last month preparing the cafe by making schedules, creating recipes and designing the cafe setup.

“As anyone could imagine all upperclassmen including myself are working very hard on the cafe to make sure it succeeds throughout the year,” junior Kaitlyn Combs said. “I’m sure as anyone could see it’s a great opportunity for all of us to experience and we all hope it turns out for the best.”

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