How To: Dress for Coyote Olympics Receive inspiration for the dress up days

With Battle of the Sexes gone, it has been replaced with Coyote Olympics and an all new set of spirit days. Every day leading up to the assembly will have its own Olympic-themed day.

Tuesday- Flag Day

Students are encouraged to represent their nationalities through t-shirts that represent their flag or outfits that center around the colors of their heritage.

flag day

Wednesday- Workout Day

Students should come to school ready for a workout, dressed head to toe with a sweat band, workout tee’s and athletic shoes.

workout day

Thursday- Fake an Injury Day

For this day, students need to find bandages, gauze and slings to wrap themselves up in fake injuries.

fake an injury

Friday- Olympic Medal Day

The day of the assembly, students are encouraged to dress in either bronze, silver or gold attire.