Feel the vibration through ‘Resonance’ Electric feels that take your mind elsewhere

Electric rhythms and synchronized beats fill the space around me rhythmically as I sit wondering how I could have considered my playlist to be good before adding these songs. Track after track, I am filled with the urge to dance as the melody of keyboards and bass play behind the lyrics of developing artist Cautious Clay in his new EP ‘Resonance.’

Singer Joshua Karpeh released his EP ‘Resonance’ just last month– making this Karpeh’s second EP released this year. Unlike his first EP, ‘Blood Type’ which focused on love, ‘Resonance’ focuses on fame and social life. Within each track, Karpeh tells the world how he feels about being young with a social platform in his own influential style.

“I wanna be a cult classic, black boys wrapped in plastic,” Karpeh begins in the track “French Rivera” as electric rhythms follow behind him. As in the other three tracks, each lyric signifies emotions and past experiences that connect to his growth as he uses his instrumental knowledge to convey all his memories into beautiful melodies. 

Karpeh’s tracks are similar to some of my other favorite artists like ODIE, Berhana and Mac Ayres. The combination of R&B with hints of soul make these artists distinctly similar, but the electric instruments strumming behind Karpeh’s voice telling stories about society set him apart from other singers in the best way possible.

Although Karpeh is just beginning his journey in the music world, these new releases make his name hard to forget. With the limited amount of released music he has, Karpeh ensures each track flows through the listener’s body to take them back to their favorite place.

Despite my love for this EP, I am unsatisfied with the number of songs released. With only four songs to listen to, I am left wanting more. The electric waves produced are everything I didn’t realize I needed, but leave too soon. Cautious Clay’s resonance tracks will be played on my speakers full blast, but only for 10 minutes until the four tracks end.

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