Green light means go Find out all the unspoken rules of driving

The car zips up and down streets as loud music blares from the window. A group of friends are all on their way to hang out when suddenly a passenger decides to switch the song. The driver immediately calls the passenger out and tells them to change it to the previous song.

At times like this it is good to know all the unspoken rules between driver and passengers. Here are some of the most common rules of driving:

Who controls the tunes: When it comes to the radio, nobody should be touching it unless you are the driver. No passenger should change the song or the volume, unless the passenger asks to change the song and the driver agrees. If the driver prefers Taylor Swift, you probably won’t be appreciated if you put on Rihanna, so make sure to let the driver control the music.

When borrowing the car: Make sure you return the car better than when you borrowed it. That means no scratches, no dents and no leftover food. The driver prefers a nice clean car so it probably isn’t a good idea to leave french fries on the car floor. You should also return the car at the time you said you would and not a couple hours later. Even though it is not necessary, it is a good idea to fill up the gas tank before you return it.

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Who pays gas money: Gas has become pricey nowadays. So when it comes to driving friends around for long distance, the passengers in your car should cough up some gas money. If it isn’t long distance, the passengers are not obligated to pay. Remember, the driver isn’t made of cash so it’s a nice gesture for passengers to offer money.

Who gets shotgun: Calling shotgun means that the seat is taken and reserved for you. Other passengers should respect the call and take a seat in the back. Shotgun is shotgun, unless someone calls “blitz.” In that case the seat is free for anyone to get. However, once a passenger is seated, no one may yell blitz to reset the call.

Next time you are a passenger in a car, make sure you follow the unspoken rules and get your driving etiquette together.