HOW TO: Have an active summer Keep the couch potato at bay

Reaching for his foot, junior Vinh Tran practices a new stretch. Yoga can help improve flexibility and reduce stress for students. Photo Credit: Sofia Islam

With summer approaching quickly, most teenagers dream about getting back the hours of sleep they lost from late school nights. However, by the middle of summer, teens might feel that they wasted their break by having irregular sleeping schedules and doing next to nothing. Here is how to have an active summer.

Go to bed early. By going to bed before 10 p.m., you save yourself from waking up in the afternoon. You also create a consistent sleep schedule that will allow you to feel refreshed in the morning. Waking up before 9 a.m. makes you feel that you have the whole day to yourself and more time to accomplish daily activities. Remember: the earlier you sleep, the earlier you wake up.

Exercise daily. Go for a run or a walk in your neighborhood after breakfast. If you have a gym membership, try to go sometime in the day when you are free. Bring a friend along with you to exercise so that you have company and motivation. It is proven that physical activity improves your mood and mental health–allowing you to start off the day right.

Do yoga. Yoga allows you to maintain a well balanced metabolism and improve your energy. By doing yoga for 10 minutes each day, your body will be relaxed and flexible. Start your day with good energy and a positive attitude with yoga.

Catch up with family and friends. Summer is the perfect time to hang out with those you love. Call some family members you haven’t spoken to in a while and see how they’re doing. Also, see if some of your friends want to have a get together.

Read a book. Even though the school year ended, it doesn’t mean you can’t catch up on a new book. Go to your local library and choose a book that you’ve been wanting to read, or a book that catches your attention. Reading a few pages each night will allow you to feel relaxed and find tranquility.

Try something new. Go out and try a new sport or activity you would never see yourself doing. This gives you an open mind to different things, and who knows–you might even like it. You and your friends could go out and do something new together

With these tips, your summer will be an active one this year. By following these steps, you can change up how you spend your summer break, and make it a little different.

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