New mission statement debuted by administration Created as part of accreditation process

Senior Linda Ruic paints details onto her shoe design inspired by travel. Ruic entered the Vans Custom Culture contest and had to create a theme for a pair of blank Vans using her creativity. Photo Credit: Alexis Drevetzki

As part of the process to become reaccredited, a new mission statement has been developed for the campus: To inspire students to create and achieve.

“The process took a couple of months,” Principal Donna Levy said. “All of the teachers met, we brainstormed ideas and we came up with the parameters. Afterwards, it was put up for a vote and then we advertised it out, and wound up with the mission statement you see.”

Every five years, assessors from AdvancED visit the campus to evaluate the school for reaccreditation. The school must be accredited to certify the credits students are receiving will be valid for college.

“I’m looking forward to hopefully being reaccredited because it’ll be nice to know all of our work hasn’t been done in vain and that we can move onto college to further our education,” senior Si Chen said.

Along with creating the mission statement, the administration also had to follow criteria provided by the accreditation organization. A report will be sent in a month that explains if the school will be reaccredited.

“We had criteria they gave us that they were looking for and we had to provide evidence that we were doing these things on campus,” Levy said. “For example, we had to prove that we post daily lesson plans and have a safe learning environment. Afterwards, we got a very positive report from the accreditation team. It looks very positive; there’s no good reason that we won’t be reaccredited.”