Resumes made simple with ‘CakeResume’ Straightforward layout and elegant designs

As high schoolers begin earning job experience and move on to internships or develop careers, well crafted resumes can be essential. While I was lucky enough to learn how to create a basic resume from teachers, not all students know where to start. “CakeResume is an online resume builder which strives to solve this problem.

Signing up for the website and creating your resume is incredibly straightforward. After clicking “Create Resume,” the website provides simple prompts on the screen. On the right hand side is a scroll bar with different aspects of a resume; an introduction, skills, experience and projects. In the premium version, I also saw the option to add videos, slideshows and quotes.

The resume started off as a blank page and I could choose exactly what elements I wanted to add, which is done by simply dragging and dropping. I created a resume for the school mascot Carl the Coyote, and began by adding a small area for a name and introduction. Despite only having the free version (premium costs $9.99), I was pleased with the variety and design of the elements I had access to. Creating the rest of the resume was essentially the same—drag, drop, fill in information.

The text size, font and color are all customizable, though there are relatively few options. I understand the reasoning behind this however, as all the styles provided are sleek and professional; straying from the options given might not look as polished. Since the resume is online, I was also able to link to an e-mail and website. After playing around with the resume creator, I almost became bored with how easy it was.

Moving on to the rest of the website, I was pleasantly surprised to see that “CakeResume” provides tips and resources for creating resumes as well. Not only do they have general resume advice, but they also offer options to create online resumes with other programs. With many companies these days trying to monopolize their industry, it was refreshing to see a program acknowledging its competitors.

For the young aspiring professionals looking to create modern resumes with style and ease, “CakeResume” is effortless to use. The resumes are online, and are free to create and download. In addition to providing the tools to create a resume, this program also gives valuable advice to those starting from scratch—as many high schoolers do.

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