Sincere poetry author: Meet Jared Calangi Portraying his emotions through words

Waking up from a night’s slumber with fresh ideas, junior Jared Calangi begins writing drafts for a possible poem. As he sits on his bed pondering about his life, Calangi writes about his day through poetry. He was inspired to write one about a girl he viewed as his world, leading him to compose the book Rare Art and Cheap Wine.

Containing poetry, Calangi describes that the book is about two teenage lovers flowing with the ups and downs relationships bring. Going from stage to stage, it starts with two hesitant 16 year olds meeting each other, transitioning into falling in and finally out of love.

“The girl was, and still is the largest part of me; she was the one who showed me who I truly was,” Calangi said. “She’s such a beautiful human being and I just saw so much life in her that it was inspiring.”

Despite creating his book to solely express emotions for a girl who he’s no longer with, Calangi wrote it to influence the environment around him.

“I saw a challenge and went for it; it felt meant to be,” Calangi said. “By writing the book, I’m hoping to inspire others around me just as I was inspired to write.”

Realizing how beautiful of an art form writing is, Calangi continues to fall in love with it more everyday. Day in and day out, he finds himself expressing his emotions through verses of poetry, helping him get through life’s challenges.

“[Writing] was almost a drug to me and it helped me cope with my darkest skins,” Calangi said. “I also saw how it could help and encourage the people around me — that in writing is humanity.”

Even though he has only written and published one book, Calangi sees himself taking on a career of writing poetry and possibly songs in the future.

“I have a lot of content already written and ideas everywhere, I just have to hone in and make them into one [book], or two, or three,” Calangi said.

Although poetry and songwriting are Calangi’s favorite styles of writing, he wants to expand his range and test his skills on what he does best.

“I usually tend to write about love and lost, but recently I’ve found myself learning and writing about philosophy which is an amazing tool as a writer and creator,” Calangi said. “It’ll help me grow into a better poetry and maybe even song writer because I have a lot of ideas in mind that I want to express to the world around me.”

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