2022 Senior Goodbyes

For the last time, catch you on the flip side


Gurleen Swaich


We did it. We’re finally graduating. 

Sophomore year when I got the email from LaPorte asking if I wanted to join I was so hesitant, but little did I know how incredible the experience would be. 

I feel like there is no proper way to put the memories we all have had together into words. No year was easy, but each and every one of them was so worth it. I wasn’t really close with anyone when I first started, but now everyone is like family, especially the love of my life, Juliana. 

Juliana, you are a light. You made journalism mean so much to me and for that I am so thankful. I hope our “dynamic duo” moments set a pedestal for the staff this year to not only enjoy what they are working on, but especially who they do it with. Every story I wrote with you, every moment we spent laughing on the things LaPorte said, every little assignment we complained about, I am going to undeniably miss. I love you so much and you are going to do INCREDIBLE things bestie!

Now to the staff this year who has made my journey as editor-in-chief worth every moment, I am going to miss you guys so much. I never knew the importance of building a bond with every single person until I met you guys. Talking to all of you, guiding your stories to perfection, helping you through the tremendous edits Ahmed and LaPorte gave – I would do it all over again. Each person on this team contributed to the success of our publication and I want you guys to know how proud I am. And to the editors for next year, YOU GUYS GOT THIS! Prioritize making a bond with your staff and every single achievement will mean so much more. I have seen you guys grow now for two years and I just know that you will do absolutely amazing.

And lastly, to the bestest, greatest, funniest, swaggiest teacher ever, LaPorte, I am going to miss you so much. You helped me with everything over the years and I can’t believe you won’t be by my side to guide me anymore. I hope I lived up to your expectations as editor-in-chief and don’t forget about me!!!!! 

Time really did go by fast, but thank you, thank you, thank you! I love you guys more than I can express. Each and every one of you, and you Laporte, helped me find my value overall as a student. This is a really hard goodbye for me, but again, thank you for not only being my staff and Laporte, my mentor, but for being such good friends. You guys are going to do amazing things. Keep it up besties!


I remember wanting to join journalism the summer before freshman year. I always saw the yearbook kids running around my middle school and they always looked like they were having so much fun. The idea of being a part of something so big and significant always intrigued me. With that said I looked at my best friend since 6th grade, Victoria, and said I’m joining journalism and at that moment we realized we had the same goal. While there were multiple times that I sat down and asked myself, ‘Why am I doing this? Why do I keep rejoining every year?’ I still to this day, my last day ever in this class, don’t know the answer to those questions; but I’m glad I kept coming back.

The C122 classroom was definitely filled with many breakdowns, tears, stress, etc. But it was also overflowing with laughter, smiles, family, etc. I have said this time and time again and will continue to say it for the rest of my life. I owe my most amazing high school memories to this class. From staying after school for work nights, to karaoke and pizza parties, to trips to the East Coast, to kickball games, and LaPorte yelling at me everyday; I wouldn’t change a single thing.

Although newspaper and yearbook were separated into two classes my junior year I am still close with many of my fellow newspaper seniors and being able to talk to them about LaPorte and Journalism in other classes is always so much fun. While there were only two seniors in the yearbook this year, Victoria and I, Victoria has continued to carry me ever since I was 10 years old. From telling me to check the chat, turn in assignments, and help me with spreads, the help from her will never go unnoticed. While this class may seem beyond stressful at times you will turn into one big family and everyone will have your back so just keep pushing and take in every moment spent in the C122 classroom because it will fly by.

Oh LaPorte, I don’t even know where to start. Thank you, I can’t say that enough. Thank you for being an amazing teacher, mentor, and comedian. No matter what mood I was in the minute I stepped foot into your classroom I knew I would have a million laugh attacks. I had you for freshman year English along with foundations and while I had to see you every single day it was always your classes I looked forward to the most. After freshman year I knew C122 was where I belonged. Everytime I thought about quitting or not returning to yearbook the next year all of the memories of Laporte yelling at me, making fun of horses pooping on me, and all of the laughs we shared came flooding in and it reminded me why it’s all worth it. I have never had a connection to a teacher like I do with you. With that said, thank you again you are one I will never forget.


I never expected the spontaneous decision to join Journalism in my freshman year would become such a large part of my life for the next three years. From being a staff member, to experiencing the Editor-in-chief position during quarantine, to finally becoming a social media editor my senior year—I am happy to have grasped all the new time management, leadership and communication skills I’ve attained. 

I can’t lie. I’ve contemplated leaving Journalism almost every time we needed to choose next year’s electives, but each year, I’ve never regretted staying. I consider the C122 classroom my home. From crying in my sophomore year because of some infographic to staying for lunch and work nights, there’s some memories in this classroom I’ll never forget. 

To all of my fellow seniors, thank you for always keeping me entertained. I will never forget you guys and I’m proud of us for both dealing with Laporte throughout the years as well as finally graduating! To the rest of the staff, keep selling those yearbooks, keep pushing out your stories and get those awards! Although this elective can be hard at times, both the family and skills you make/learn make up for it completely. 

And lastly, to LaPorte. First, thank you for dealing with my mental breakdowns in quarantine and responding to messages about me wanting to quit at least ten times throughout the year. Secondly, thank you for always believing in me. You didn’t allow me to quit junior year and you still believed in me as a social media editor despite my lack of posting. Like all my other siblings, you will be one teacher I will never forget (‘:


This has been the biggest and best thing I’ve been a part of in my high school career. When I joined freshman year, I never thought journalism would bloom into what it is for me today.

Truthfully, I’ve complained about journalism constantly. I’ve complained about deadlines, Mr. LaPorte’s attitude, being up late at night finishing work, and even finding a balance between my personal life and my school life because of journalism. But the thing is, no matter how much I or any other student complains about journalism, I’ve always said that no one else can. 

That’s because C122 is a family. We fight, but we eventually get through it, make up, and do better things together like a family does. We come out with more love for each other at the end of it.

I’ve cherished so much about being in journalism throughout my four years here. I’ve met one of my best friends, Gurleen Swaich, who has been my rock, my role model, and a consistent shoulder to lean on. Gurleen, I will always be thankful for you and for our friendship, and no one gets me the way you do. I wish you so much luck and happiness and I’ll love you forever. We will always be C122’s dynamic duo and I wouldn’t trade that for the world. 

Beyond my love for Gurleen, I have unlocked an old love for writing and English. I love making people better writers and improving their skills just a little bit, and it’s a process that is so beyond rewarding to watch staff members grow and learn. Journalism has made me a total grammar nerd, and my 35 on the ACT English (subtle flex) is a fun side effect of that. 

I love editing stories, but I also love the people behind them. The staff this year was incredibly warm, funny, inviting, and amazing to be around and work with. I am so thankful for each and every one of you and I promise you can call me if you ever need anything and I will pick up! I feel a great sense of pride looking at the work you’ve completed, and I wish you all the best of luck. I’m so glad I met you, and I truly loved working with all of you. I’ll miss you all, I love you all, and you guys are truly my besties. 

The staff is not only a group of kids, but kids that I’ve come to feel responsible for. You guys have brought out every leadership skill I have, in a good way. You all changed me for the better. You’ve made me more confident, more outspoken, more sure of myself, more supportive, a better communicator, and I like to think even funnier and awesomer than I’ve been in previous years. So thank you for not only letting me know you and be there for you, but for helping me get to know parts of myself. 

Finally the tribute to Mr. LaPorte – saving the best for last. LaPorte, you’ve pushed me past what I thought I could do. I’ve accomplished so much through this class, and it’s because of your constant support. Your passion for these publications drives us, and makes us want to do better. Thanks for never accepting less than my best, for always giving us a safe space to be in, for all the fun banter, and for always challenging us. You are our teacher, but you’re also our mentor and our guide in all things C122, and I am forever thankful.

I’ve found a community within the journalism class and the people who surround me in it. It’s honestly so hard for me to express how much I love you all and how much I’ll miss you, but I do!!! I love you, and I miss you already, and I’m tearing up a little writing this. I can’t wait for you guys to feel toward your own staff what I feel toward you. Congratulations for making it through this year and I LOVE YOU ALL my bestest friends!!!!!!!!! <33333333


It was me agreeing to go into Newspaper after being nagged about it by Cece. I saw my way out as Mr. LaPorte messaged me over the summer asking if I was still interested. To this day, I have no idea what possessed me to say yes because if I did, I would thank it. 

Journalism reawakened the love of writing I have always had, it was just buried and forgotten about. I remember writing stories in elementary school and dreaming for my work to be published; fast forward to now and I got my dream, on a smaller scale of course. But to try something that is deemed hard and foolish to do, only for that very thing to become a passion that I want to continue in the future is a feeling and experience that I will all could have. 

The help from my fellow seniors never went unnoticed by me. I was a pain, hard to work with, and yet the help never stopped coming and truly made me a better writer. 

Mr LaPorte, thank you for letting me speak my truth. You never silenced my voice when I would speak about what drove me, motivated me, instead you encouraged it. Your harshness was what I needed to become a better writer and understand that I am not the best, and never will be if I don’t listen to those who know more than me and work hard. Everyone in journalism needs to understand that it takes a special kind of person to put themselves through what we have for our high school careers; We are the future and as it becomes more unpredictable, it’s up to us to write about it, and let our articles, editorials, Adobe Sparks, make a difference in this world and leave a mark. Mr. LaPorte, you have left your mark on us all and I thank you for that. 


Journalism has been a blessing in the last three years. LaPorte asked me to join in sophomore year, and all I thought about was a fun writing club where I could make new friends and learn. Journalism was the one club I stayed in the rest of my high school journey. My expectations exceeded my expectations, and I wouldn’t change anything.

I have learned dedication, passion, perseverance, acceptance, and accountability throughout these years in Journalism, and these are traits that I will use for the rest of my life. Of course, there were times I genuinely became so frustrated and wanted to quit, but every single one of those moments made me stronger and who I am today. My writing skills have drastically improved, and it shows through in all my English class essays and even the writing portion of the ACTs. It was a delight discovering my capabilities and growing with so many people.

My outstanding staff members and editors, I love every one of you, and you all are so talented and unique in your ways. You all make Journalism what it is and have given me such unforgettable memories on top of it. The countless moments of all of us girl editors laughing and making jokes about how stressed we are and how we are so tired, but end up dealing with it anyways, will never be forgotten by me. Being an A&E editor and a Features editor was a gift because I explored different writing skills and styles. 

LaPorte, you are one of the best and most inspirational teachers I have ever had and probably will ever have. You made a lasting impact on my life and my high school career. You never gave up on me and always pushed me to do better because you knew I could handle it. Thank you for helping me out whenever you had the chance to and for being there for me not only as a teacher but as a figure I could look up to. Your drive and passion inspire me, and I hope everyone can learn to be as dedicated and caring as you are to all of Journalism and us as a whole. Thank you for picking me up in sophomore year and helping me create a lifetime of memories that I will cherish forever.