A guide for men: seven tips for a successful date from a woman’s perspective

Being late for a date is a definite deal breaker.
Photo Credit: Bree Eure
Being late for a date is a definite deal breaker.<br>Photo Credit: Bree Eure
Being late for a date is a definite deal breaker.
Photo Credit: Bree Eure

Recently, my co-worker named qualities of a true date, and I came to the bitter realization that I have never been on a “real” date. Whenever people tell me about their experiences, it always seems horrific. And, even though I have not been on a real dinner date before, I have been on a few dates that might as well end up in the “nights I’d love to forget” section of my brain. What happened to going to dinner and holding hands on the table? What happened to deep longing looks into each other’s eyes? I feel like those are just occurrences in movies now. Luckily, this quick guide (for guys) will lead to a successful date.

1. Flowers are so 1960, but so desired!

Flowers come in all shapes, colors, and (luckily) prices! Whether it is dinner, a movie, bowling, or mini-golf, a cute idea for a date, would be to welcome your girl with a bouquet of flowers, or even a single rose. A smile is priceless, and so is the thought!

2. Too many compliments make you look insecure.

Not that you need to make your girl feel like she is not beautiful, but if you compliment her at all times, your words will begin to sound insincere and meaningless. You may think she is the most beautiful creature to walk the planet, but keep the compliments limited, and the mystére at a high.

3. Talk to her.

I may be inexperienced with real dates, but what I do know is that a dull human being is not liked at any time. Talk to her about her favorite movie or favorite music artist. A few icebreakers will lead to fun conversations!

4. Don’t bore her with your sports obsessions.

You’re captain of the soccer club? Cool! Oh, you were in cheerleading at age five? Neat! Unfortunately, a first date is never the time to make an attempt at deep conversations about Coach Humphreys who had a coronary on the field. Guys can talk too little, but they can also talk too much, which ultimately leads to everything, but a second date. Try to engage her in similar interests, not just your own.

5. Don’t stay on your phone.

Sure, a couple glances at your cell here and there are okay, but a date is not the time to check Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat all at once. It’s not the time to call your aunt who lives in Europe, and it most definitely is not the time to laugh at your phone, and ignore your date.

6. Be on time.

I think the number one aggravation girls my age face is that guys tend to be late too often. Knowing girls, they start getting ready hours before the date in order to look presentable. The time that girls spend waiting is usually time spent over thinking, which (trust me), is not pretty.

7. Be spontaneous.

Don’t make a girl feel like you have rehearsed this date–be yourself! Simple as that. Surprise her when she least expects it, and communicate with her.