An Hour In . . . Interior Design II Floor plans were created for mock clients

As Interior Design II students prepare for their floor plan presentation, sophomore Jennifer Shelley adds final touches to her slideshow. The students had to create a presentation that fit the needs of their mock client. "When I was making the slides, I made sure to tailor it to what ever my client wanted and needed in their home," Shelley says. "The client I had was a whole family so I had to make sure I included enough space for the family to function." Photo Credit: Kyle Bayudan
Presenting the floor plan to mock clients, Shelley made sure to describe each element of the layout using Interior Design vocabulary. Students were required to incorporate the square footage of each room into their presentation. "I liked presenting on the computer because my fake client was right in front of me rather than all the way across the room," Shelley said. "It made me develop a stronger relationship with the client and it was easier to point to specific elements of my presentation." Photo Credit: Kyle Bayudan
Showing a portion of his floor plan, sophomore Andy Khamsengmanivong attempts to capture the attention of his client's in hopes that they will pick his house. Students were able to pick what client they wanted to create a floor plan for. "I feel like presenting in front of [fake clients] helped me prepare for the real world when I really do present in front of my bosses or actual clients," Khamsengmanivong said. Photo Credit: Kyle Bayudan
Finishing up his presentation for his client, Logan Sorge makes sure includes all the fine details that his floor plan entails. The whole class had two days to put together a presentation for their mock client. "I felt more comfortable knowing that the fake clients I had to present to were my friends," Sorge said. "If I had to present to my teacher or actual clients, I would have been really nervous." Photo Credit: Kyle Bayudan
While students were finishing their presentations for their clients, others had to write reviews and give feedback for the person displaying their floor plan. The feedback included what each presenter did well and what needs some work on. "Giving feedback to the presenters would help them in the future because it gives them an idea of what to expect out in the real world," junior Sarai Diaz said. Photo Credit: Kyle Bayudan

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