Aspiring artist: Meet Kai Charvet

Freshman Kai Charvet works on a few drawings in her sketchbook. Whenever she gets inspiration she'll jot something down in the book, which is filled with pencil and ink pieces. "I'm really into drawing portraits," Charvet said.
Photo Credit: Althea Gevero

Kai Charvet is an artist of many styles hoping to one day become a professional. Constantly doodling, she has a deep passion for art that has been with her for years. While many artists have trouble finding inspiration, Kai sees potential in almost everything she sees.

Southwest Shadow: When and how did your interest in art begin?

Kai Charvet: I don’t know; I’ve sort of always been into art. And it’s also due to the fact that anything I tried that wasn’t art I kind of failed at, so I gave up on it. I actually started seriously getting into and thinking about my art career in seventh grade.-

Shadow: Where do you get your inspiration?

KC: Random things. It’s usually random doodles in class; that’s where I get a lot of my best drawings. I branch a lot of my drawings off of the ones I make in class — I still pay attention though, don’t worry! But it just sort of comes to me in the moment. When I feel like drawing, I’ll draw and then I’ll stem off of that.

Shadow: Is there a certain type of art medium you prefer or do you like to mix mediums?

KC: I prefer working with ink pens and watercolors. I also do digital art too, so that’s a good medium as well. It’s definitely good to mix mediums in my opinion, because it just makes your art that much better.

Shadow: What is one of your favorite pieces of art that you’ve done and why?

KC: I found this website over the summer where you draw using the words of a text. The default text was a piece from Lewis Carrol’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. I just drew using my digital tablet, and the art itself was an eye and some strands of hair; it was very simplistic but I really liked the way it looked. It was made of words and it just seemed to look different than the things I’ve done before, where it has a lot of lines–but this one is actually using the text. I found it really interesting and that piece is one of my favorites. I’m really proud to show it off.

Shadow: How would you describe your art style?

KC: My art style is varying right now. I’m still trying very hard to find my own style so I can be unique in order to have a career in art. I’ve heard it takes a long time so I’m desperately trying to find it.

Shadow: What do you find is most difficult when working on a piece of art?

KC: Probably the idea. I have the hardest time trying to make something new, and not have any idea come to mind. I find that when I’m really motivated, I have no idea what to draw so it gets pretty frustrating. I usually combat that with a bit of music and food.

Shadow: Many artists use their art as a way to get some sort of message across. Is this something you would like to do, or is it more for yourself?

KC: I feel like I should alternate between them. I should definitely make art about myself because that’s sometimes where I do get inspiration. But also, getting across messages in my art makes it that much more powerful. It gets a lot of attention that way, so mixing messages and making it about yourself is a great way to do art.

Shadow: What kind of impact would you like your art to leave on other aspiring artists or people in general?

KC: I’d like my art to motivate others to pursue something they love and grow a passion for it like I did. I’m always very inspired, so it gives me a reason to get better and become a better artist that I already am. I believe that people should feel the same way.

Shadow: Are you planning on pursuing art professionally?

KC: I actually do want to pursue it and I do want a career in art or something relating to it. It’s always something I’ve been very passionate about, and I plan to be very passionate about it in the future. I’m not sure exactly what I’m going to do, but it’s definitely going to relate to art in some way or another.