Devoted Decorator: Meet Mr. Brian Lindemuth

Sitting amongst an office filled with unique posters and knick-knacks is counselor Mr. Brian Lindemuth. Lindemuth spent a month locating uncommon objects to place in his work space. Photo Credit: Alexis Drevetzki

Scouring through pages upon pages of searches and hunting for the perfect item that will compliment the novelty on the desk, yet not overpower the poster hanging on the wall, can be a meticulous process.

Mr. Brian Lindemuth, the new Culinary, Hospitality, Web Design and Video Game Technology counselor, has an office that’s been decorated by searching for knick-knacks and signs that express his design tastes.

“My decorating style could be best described as scattered. There’s a lot going on in my office,” Lindemuth said.

Inspiration is key when decorating. Lindemuth’s inspiration draws from the type of environment he hopes to create in his office.

“My goal when I started decorating was to put up some things that represented me and where I’m from. I also wanted to put up some things that represented my students and their programs. I also wanted to create an atmosphere for students so that they feel comfortable coming in there to talk to me about anything they want.  I want my students to feel like my office is a safe zone,” Lindemuth said.

Although his office contains dozens of different posters and trinkets, there is one that Lindemuth values above all the rest.

“The picture of my daughter that I have on my desk is my favorite piece,” Lindemuth said.

Lindemuth collects pieces to decorate his office from multiple sources, but is his go-to site, as the orders ship relatively quickly.

“My office is sponsored by It took me a month to get everything together. The last poster I put up was shipped in from Germany and took three weeks to get here,” Lindemuth said.

Additionally, he doesn’t follow set trends when choosing a piece, instead opting to purchase what is unique to his tastes.

“Each item is unique. I just get a feeling that I have to have it in my office the first time I see it,” Lindemuth said.

Furthermore, Lindemuth believes his style is just a tad bit better than the other counselors’. The uncommon pieces he finds add to his one-of-a-kind style.

“Have you seen the other counselors’ offices? Snooze. Just kidding. I know that Ms. Clavel is jealous of my posters and is now buying some of her own. Ms. DeSantis thinks my office is a trainwreck. Everyone else seems to enjoy it,” Lindemuth said.

However, Lead Counselor Mrs. Paige DeSantis claims to have been joking when speaking of Lindemuth’s office, and is actually fond with the decorations he has up.

“It’s not so much the decor that I have a problem with, it’s the black hole of a desk,” DeSantis said.

Despite decorating being a challenge at times, Lindemuth finds a passion in searching for the perfect piece to fit into his office. Every item is held in high regard in defining who he is and why he has chosen to be our counselor.

“Although my wife doesn’t allow my style to carry into our home, I love the space I’ve created at work,” Lindemuth said.