Edmodo enhances classroom communication

Both students and teachers at Southwest Career and Technical Academy feel that communication amongst one another is not the easiest to maintain.  This barrier can lead to conflicts throughout the school year such as students complaining they were unaware of a quiz or teachers stating they did not receive an assignment through e-mail. Miscommunication can all be avoided by using Edmodo.

“I use Edmodo daily to communicate with class members, kids involved in activities, and to sign up for events,” said Student Council Advisor Miriya Julian.

Edmodo is a completely free social networking site created specifically for teachers and students. With this user friendly website, teachers are able to post assignments, where students may complete and submit with just the click of a mouse. Students can also enable (SMS) text message notifications, in order to be aware of each time a teacher posts on the stream.

“There are times where I get excited that someone finally texts me, but most of the time it is just Edmodo notifying me that a teacher sent a post. But don’t get me wrong, that feature is very useful, especially when I’m away from the computer,” stated junior Laura Nguyen.

Students also find Edmodo as a convenient way to contact their teacher if they have questions about an assignment or if they are confused about what is being taught in class. This website is also beneficial for students who are absent; they can view the calendar to see what they need to have completed by the next time they have class.

“Edmodo is a good resource to have when you are in need of help. It is useful because not only does it save paper sometimes, but it also a easy way to talk to your teachers when you’re not at school,” stated freshman Alisa Limphaithoon.

Edmodo is a safe social learning website. Parents, teachers, and students do not have to worry about hackers or online predators as a specific code is required to join a group.

Speak to your teacher about utilizing Edmodo in your class. It is a useful tool that can change a classroom into a community.