While sitting up in her chair, sophomore Megen Lopez finalizes a portrait before uploading it to her website: Megensf. Lopez created the website earlier this month in hopes of increasing her visibility.

“If people think the things I create are pretty or meaningful, I think they should definitely buy a print,” Lopez said. “I do not want to force anyone to buy art off the site; I’m just hoping by making my art as affordable as possible people can find meaning within my creations and decide to treat themselves or a friend. All the money I make from the website I’m planning on using for more art supplies or for any travels I take in the future.”

Lopez didn’t originally have patience for art, initially having a dislike for it. The work and precision that it takes to create pieces made it difficult for Lopez to complete her artwork, but she eventually gained a new love for it.

“Whenever I start something I have to finish it right then and there, so it was a struggle to develop patience for this skill,” Lopez said. “My skills are made primarily by me learning what works and doesn’t for myself and just improving on that. The main reason why I love it so much now, is just how it looks overall as an end product.”

After developing an admiration for artists from her Instagram explore page, Lopez considered taking art seriously. Eventually, she began sharing her artwork online, too.

“I looked up to artist like Alythuh and Francis Ochoa at the time,” Lopez said. “They are not huge artist but seeing them make money doing things they loved made me want to start taking art more seriously.”

Utilizing self-taught abilities and similar colors allows Lopez to mimic Alythuh’s and Ochoa’s creations. This method fuses the artists technique with her own, creating her own personal style.

A skull surrounded by sunflowers and roses, a print Lopez calls; My favorite bouquet. "This piece resembles that in time, you still learn to grow and glow," Lopez said. "No matter how long it may take, your flowers will bloom."
A scene from a movie Spirited Away, where the spirits become visible titled; When the lights turn on. "I love this movie because it teaches you to be courageous, brave and stick up for the ones you love," Lopez said.
The traditional Chinese dragon pictured in front of a yellow circle titled; Dragon. "The dragon holds so much meaning, resembling strength and power especially," Lopez said. "I chose the yellow backdrop because it resembles the sun, and all its power."
A pink rose with honey dripping off of its petals called; Dipped in Honey. "This is one of my favorite pieces that I created just this past summer," Lopez said. "The combination of colors for me resemble a bright summer day and it all just fits so well."
A purple crystal shimmering blue and slight hints of orange called; While you were sleeping. "The elegance and mystery that lies in crystals are breathtaking, I just had to illustrate them," Lopez said.

Lopez is able to tell stories and relieve her stresses as she displays her emotions through illustrations of Studio Ghibli scenes or the traditional Chinese Dragon. Lopez paints late at nights to early mornings to complete projects that usually take half a month to complete.

“In the late nights is when I can work hours straight without any interruptions,” Lopez said. “While working on a piece, I feel as if I lose all train of thought. I am always so focused on whatever I am creating that any other worry leaves my mind.”

By collecting brushes, pencils and paints from Michaels and Amazon throughout the years, Lopez was able to create a studio in her room. With her father’s constant motivation, Lopez works with confidence.

“I think my number one supporter would have to be my dad,” Lopez said. “He motivates me in pursuing a hobby in art and he’s the reason why I started selling my works. He gives me constructive criticism and always tells me ways that I can improve.”

Lopez plans to have art as a side job while she works on her dream, displaying her works in an art show.

“To me, art is something that will always be here for me,” Lopez said. “I will always have emotions and stories to tell and art is a perfect way to express these things without using words. In the end, whether I am successful or not, art will continue being something I genuinely enjoy.”

What type of art looks best?