HOW TO: Stop procrastinating It’s time to stop procrastinating and get tasks done

So you want to start work but then decided that there is time to do it later. Instead of doing it right away you decided to take a break and next thing you know it is 10pm and you haven’t done any work.

Procrastination is a struggle that most teenagers have. According to Procrastination Is Literally Killing You by Eric Jaffe, procrastination stresses the brain, making it work harder. Here is how to stop procrastinating and get to work:

Ask someone to help you complete your assignment. Having a friend help you with your task can make it a bit more enjoyable. They can help motivate you and relieve the stress of working. Taking on a task with a partner will give you a different perspective and new ideas on a project.

Bargain with yourself. Finish your work now and whatever else is in your agenda. Giving yourself an award after you finish your work will motivate you to do more work. Awards can consist of talking or hanging out with friends or watching an episode of a show.

Make a to-do list. Plan ahead and take into account the tasks that you’re avoiding. Once you have your list, create deadlines for each task. Doing this will help keep you organized and on top of your work. The Microsoft OneNote app can help you create lists and deadlines, and Do! is another app that gives you reminders.

Eliminate temptation. Getting rid of distractions can help you focus more and get a task done quicker. When doing your work avoid playing games, being on your phone and watching TV. It can be difficult to put your phone down so to make it easier you can download the Focus Now app. When using this app, you get a plant that you must take care of by setting a timer of 30 minutes and not exiting the app. If you do exit the game, your plant dies.

Divide your tasks into smaller parts. Instead of taking on a large task, try splitting the work up throughout your day. For example, if you have an essay due for a class you can take a small 10 minute break in between writing paragraphs. Taking your tasks and cutting them up into small chunks can make a huge difference.

With those helpful tips you can now get to work and be as productive as possible. The anxiety of completing your task will no longer be, since you started the assignment already. Stress often comes when completing assignments, so learn how to deal with stress in this article.