Threading a sewing machine and pinning pieces of fabric together, she begins tailoring a dress. Named after a world renowned fashion designer, Gianni Versace, sophomore Ghyanni Ferraer designs her own clothes to fit her uncommon style.

At a young age, Ferraer dreamed of making her own clothes so she would often watch DIY videos. She would also dress up and design clothing templates for Barbie dolls.

“I started making my own clothes when I was in eighth grade with my first outfit being a dress,” Ferraer said. “At the time, I didn’t own a sewing machine so I had to hand-sew the whole piece, but now I have access to one which makes it easier for me to create anything I want.”

Inspired by the modern Japanese street-wear culture, Ferraer created her own fashion line called “Modhawai.” Taking her two weeks to complete, she incorporated the flowing and oversized style that are common in the Japanese culture. The line featured 16 pieces for both men and women, as well as accessories like hats and belts.

“I started making my own clothes because I was inspired by Coco Chanel, the fashion icon,” Ferraer said. “She changed the world of fashion by creating comfortable yet elegant style of clothing; Chanel is my ideal along with Gianni Versace.”

Hosting a fashion shows at her home for her fashion line, family and friends have helped to model her clothing.

Friends and family modeled pieces of Ferraer’s fashion line, wearing them at a fashion show at her home which featured seven models including herself.

“The pieces Ghyanni created were very diverse and the patterns she used were nothing like anything I’ve seen before,” sophomore Angelica Pangan said. “All of the outfits she made coordinated well together and as being one of the models in the fashion show, my outfit fitted perfectly and reflected my personality.”

As a creator, Ferraer had started using platforms such as YouTube to display pieces she creates and to also discuss her life designing clothes; Ferraer plans to upload at least once a week.

“I use skills that I learned in and out of class and apply them to wherever I go; like when I go shopping, I look at what materials or what type of stitching is used to make the piece,” Ferraer said. “I’m also committed to improving my skills weekly and my dream is to become a famous fashion designer some day.”

With the amount of time Ferraer puts into her passion, she is rewarded with the satisfaction of seeing others wear her completed pieces. She sells and promotes pieces she created on her Instagram. Depending on the complexity of the piece, the prices range from $10 to $20.

“My fashion, what I create, is who I am,” Ferraer said. “Being different is good because I get to explore new fashions and expand my imagination; making my own clothes is a whole adventure within itself.”

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