Intricate painter: Meet Isabell Min Exploring different art styles

Adding more depth to her painting, sophomore Isabell Min holds her paintbrush at an angle so that she can make precise details. She has been practicing for over five years now and has a strong attachment towards art. “It feels good to go after school and have a relaxing art class where I am able to let my creativity take over,” Min said. Photo Credit: Isabell Min

Carefully painting details onto her canvas, sophomore Isabell Min mixes a variety of colors to create an intriguing art piece. She uses many techniques to make her art look unique and effortless. As the paint brushes against the canvas, all the tension built up in her mind goes away creating a positive environment. 

For more than five years, Min has been practicing painting almost every Friday after school with her art tutor, Barbara Silinder. Min goes to Silinder’s house to learn different art techniques and pays $17 every visit. 

“I started to paint when I was 10 years old,” Min said. “One of my friends in middle school used to go to an art tutor and I really wanted to paint like her, so I decided to take my chance.”

While painting, Min focuses on clearing her mind of stress. As she paints, she tries to stay relaxed and draws whatever comes to her mind. 

“Once I had to do a portrait and I continued to struggle with it because I kept overthinking what I was doing,” Min said. “I did not feel like continuing that painting, but through that very bad experience I learned to not overthink the piece I am creating. I go in with a fresh and clear brainset so that I can relieve all the stress that has been built up throughout the whole week by the stroke of a paintbrush.” 

Seeing her teacher be able to create beautiful paintings, Min is influenced to one day meet her goals and paint just as skillfully.  

“My teacher paints extremely good and seeing her paintings drives me to do better and be just as good one day,” Min said. “She strives me to do better has been able to teach me different techniques such as blending in order to become a better artist and continues to help me everyday.”

Over the years, Min has been exploring the different genres and styles of paintings to see which one she is the best at. 

“I started off doing basic charcoal sketches and then ended up going from pastel to acrylic to oil paintings,” Min said. “I love to do oil paintings and I tend to use blue and purple a lot because of the way they blend together and how nicely they look. And, I love to paint landscapes and animals because they go together very well.”

Struggling at first, Min has learned to overcome obstacles that come with painting. 

“Isabell has been able to develop her artist’s eye and steadily improved her techniques and use of the various mediums,” Sindelier said. “I expect art will always be a part of her life through her accomplishments.”

Min plans on continuing painting in the future and exploring different genres of art. She hopes to improve and become a better painter overall. 

“I want to be able to create beautiful paintings that can be put on display so that people can see all of the hardwork and effort I have put into these pieces,” Min said. “These paintings mean a lot to me because of all of the hard work and dedication I put into them, so in the future, I also want to give my paintings to people I care about a lot.”