How-To: Keep Your Bedroom Clean Organization will get you in the habit of keeping your room clean everyday

For some people, school supplies are easy to manage and organize, but bedrooms are another story. Many view cleaning their room as a chore, but when you focus on keeping items tidy and in order, cleaning the bedroom becomes easier.

In fact, even doing simple tasks such as making the bed daily will make the room appear neater. According to the article ‘The Importance of Making Your Bed,’ “An unmade bed not only makes your room look messy, but it also causes dust and dirt to build up underneath the covers and this can be a health hazard.”

Not only will the room look clean, but you will develop the habit of maintaining that orderly, spotless room.

Clothes and laundry: Each time you change, put all clothes in a hamper. Throwing them on the floor will take up more space in the room. If you already have a hamper in your bathroom but do not feel like walking there, then move it in your bedroom or add an additional hamper in your room. As soon as you bring out the clothes from the utility room, fold or hang up them up. Do not let them pile up on the chair, bed or in a basket for days.

Space in the room: If your bedroom has little storage room and space, then it might be a good idea to separate items into boxes or bins that fit under the bed or in the closet. This will help in keeping those loose items organized and out of the way. If you feel you still have too many items such as old toys, books or clothes, donate them to charities like Goodwill.

Items in the bedroom: It will be harder to maintain a tidy space if the majority of the room is always cluttered. To make your room seem more spacious, make sure everything is put away and not on the floor. Instead of leaving shoes on the ground, hang them up on a shoe rack or put them in the closet. Any scattered items could be stored in a small area of the closet, garage, attic or basement.

Desks and nightstands: If you have a desk in your room, then it should be clutter free. This is important because you might do your homework there and it will be hard to write and type with objects in the way. Also, make sure at least every other week you dust and wipe down desktops and surfaces with disinfecting wipes so no one breathes in dirt or obtains any allergies. According to the article, “7 Tips to Keep Your Bedroom Clean and Organized,” Eversave Home Center suggests, “The tops of your bureaus and nightstand should have essentials like tissues, a lamp, remote controls and anything else that is essential for you before going to sleep.”

Having a clean room provides many beneficial habits and a healthy lifestyle. It can also boost your self-esteem since you will not feel embarrassed about inviting anyone over to see your room. You will also be better prepared and ready for the day since you will not have to spend time looking for items in your new clean room.