Key Club members cheer for new adviser

After this year concludes, Mrs. Jocelyn Jaen will be the new adviser for Key Club. Jaen was offered the position by Ms. Felicia Nemcek due to her experience of being an adviser for other clubs. She will succeed current advisers Mrs. Miriya Julian and Ms. Jennifer Conder.

“I’m excited to be an adviser for Key Club since I’ve never been involved with this club before,” comments Jaen.

Jaen has been teaching for a total of 23 years. She’s been an adviser for Student Council for 12 years, and an adviser for the yearbook for 10 years in both Hawaii and Guam. Excited about her new position as a Key Club adviser, she looks forward to taking on an extra challenge.

“I enjoyed teaching in both areas because of the scenery and environment on both islands. Now that I’m settled into the new atmosphere Vegas has to offer, I like teaching here as well,” states Jaen.

Besides being a teacher for Medical Terminology and Introduction to Health Science, Jaen is also an adviser for a newly formed club here at SWCTA known as YFL, Youth for Family Life. This club centers around discussions about faith, and is the second club formed in the west by this national organization.

Even though this is Jaen’s second year teaching at SWCTA, she now has a love for the students she teaches, and hopes to continue being a teacher here.

“I’ve been teaching for several years now, but I have found that I really enjoy working with the students here at SWCTA,” says Jaen.

Although Jaen has no idea what to expect, she’s happy about being offered the position, and hopes that it will be as fun as being an adviser for past clubs. Until Jaen becomes an adviser next year for Key Club, she is an adviser for YFL which meets every Thursday after school. If you are interested in becoming a member, you can visit Jaen in the H building before or after school.