Local ‘Slimer’: Meet Maylee Tan Making slime since 2016

As she stretches the slime with her hands, sophomore Maylee Tan thinks about which styles to restock on her online shop. After Tan came across other slime accounts online, these colorful concoctions consumed her life. “When I started slime making, I couldn’t stop myself from creating and I got somewhat addicted to doing so,” Tan said. “Later on I created my shop so I could continue buying supplies to make up specific textures and scents.” Photo Credit: Eriyale Williams

As she kneads the colorful creation with her hands, sophomore Maylee Tan realizes making slime is something she wants to pursue in the future. Over the past year, Tan has stirred up over 40 slime types. From scented to clear or crunchy, Tan uploads all her creations to her online store, FairySlimesss.

“I became interested in slime after [seeing] other slime accounts online,” Tan said. “I became hooked after watching their videos and decided to start my own account for fun.”

Initially, slime was just entertainment for Tan, but she realized when selling it too, she could buy supplies to keep creating new formulas. She uses platforms like Instagram and YouTube to promote and share her slime.

“My Instagram and YouTube are called Fairyslimesss just like my store,” Tan said. “I came up with the name from this anime I really love called Fairy Tail. Originally though, I had the name ‘slimexcreator’, which I changed because it was too simple and unoriginal.”

Tan relates making slime with baking when mixing different ingredients together; which is where her interest in experimenting and creating concoctions goes back to.

“When I was little I always [would] combine random things from the cabinet just to see how they mixed with each other, especially while I was baking,” Tan said. “Baking and making slime are similar processes because both times you’re adding different ingredients to create a new product. It has always been intriguing for me to find out how things react to each other.

At first, Tan’s mother was not keen on the idea when she noticed that her daughter was purchasing 12 containers of liquid glue to create her slimes.

“Maylee has always been curious about trying new activities that can be challenging and requires her to step out of her comfort zone,” Tan’s mother Monique Tan said. “Even if it’s as strange as making slime, I will continuously be there to support her.”

When making basic slimes, ingredients can be bought at a Dollar Store and then mixed together. However, when creating a more advanced slime, it requires more effort than a few dollars and a mixer.  

“I’ve noticed that many slime creators use a mixer to make their slimes,” Tan said. “Less effort and time is used when using a stand/industrial mixer, that’s why I knead and mix my own by hand. In my opinion, mixing by hand creates a better slime and is more efficient.”

Tan restocks her online store with new slime creations and past customer favorites one to three times a month, which she buys the supplies for with the money she makes off of selling. Not only does Tan create popular slimes like avalanche and floam, but she also creates scented slimes with scents like root beer, brown sugar, cake and peaches.

“I scent my slimes by using fragrance oil from the store or online websites, then I color the slime by the scent,” Tan said. “I’ve used many diverse scents from fruity, spicy or sweet. I personally love fruity and sweet flavors.”

Tan hopes to continue selling her slime creations online in her future; however she isn’t planning on making this her only job.

“I definitely want to continue making slime,” Tan said. “I enjoy both being a ‘Slimer’ and being able to connect with other people through my accounts who have similar interest and goals as I do. It will always excite me when I see people enjoying my content, without this encouragement I don’t think I would work this hard.”

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