Education reform makes a splash – but not without its critics Progressive loosening of standards has strong advocates, opponents

Which students benefit and which students suffer from education reforms? What role do teachers play in this? These questions are important - and they don't have easy answers. Photo Credit: Arcadia Encarnacion
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Students averaging a 26% in their classes. Parents terrified that their children can’t recover their failing grades. Black and Hispanic people facing severe punishment from teachers and administrators.

The reality that CCSD’s progressive education reformers depicted was often bleak and unfair. Their victory this past summer marked the beginning of a new system in CCSD – one that advocates said would make the district fairer, and opponents said would make students lazier. School board meetings that were already tense grew explosive as people on both sides intensely expressed their opinions.

These are the stories of how the new system has affected people across the valley. 

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