Eye-catching cardist: Meet Lawrence Naguit Mastering the art of cardistry

Shuffling and practicing with a deck of cards, sophomore Lawrence Naguit perfects his cardistry tricks. "Cardistry is something that I now do unconsciously and I started off by watching live performances and shows that dealt with card tricks when I was younger," Naguit said. Photo Credit: Zoie Puaala-Edrai

Flipping cards left and right, dropping a stack sometimes, sophomore Lawrence Naguit has been practicing and perfecting his talent of cardistry for the last five years.

Cardistry is the art of card flourishing and how it can be visually appealing and impressive to others.

“I started to become interested in cardistry once I went and watched one of the David Copperfield shows and after I engaged in a lot of YouTube videos that dealt with cardistry,” Naguit said.

Depending on skill level and motivation, tricks can take time to learn and practice. Naguit has built his skill level from simple card flips to then transforming his flips into actual tricks and illusions.

“The first card tricked that I learned was the four ace production where you have the other person shuffle a deck of cards and then out of nowhere you get the four aces from the deck of cards and it took me about two days to learn this trick,” said Naguit.

As Naguit learned different tricks, he would then pass on that information to his friends. 

“Two years ago, I had a small group in middle school that I taught how to do tricks and it was going to be a club, but since we were in eighth grade, we were all going to leave the school so there would be no point in the club,” Naguit said. “I would teach them after school in my geometry teacher’s classroom or on the bus and I didn’t charge them to learn since they were my friends.”

Naguit plans to keep his talent as a hobby and continue making videos as well as performing in front of a crowd. 

“Back then, I used to learn a new trick every day or week and now I don’t really do that, it’s just become very slowed down but I still definitely do it more unconsciously at home,” Naguit said. “I don’t learn anything that new anymore because it takes a lot of time to learn and perfect and I have other priorities such as homework and school, in general, to worry about.”

Because of his skills, Naguit was chosen to perform on the Rout(e)131 morning announcements as part of the show opener.

“When I heard that I would be featured on the announcements, I wasn’t that nervous but I did think that it was kind of cool having people see what I can do,” Naguit said. “I like being able to impress people and see their reactions.”

For friends of Naguit, they know that they can always find him with a pack of cards on hand.

“I seriously think Lawrence’s card tricks are cool and interesting,” sophomore Bryan Tun said. the transition between moves is mesmerizing and it’s really enjoyable watching him.” 

Cardistry can come with struggles that not all have the patience for but Naguit definitely does and he’s always interested in trying out new tricks and knowing where to start is the key. 

“For any aspiring cardists, some advice would be to just buy any deck of cards and start anywhere and if you want to learn something, just look it up and start off practicing and perfecting until you are satisfied,” Naguit said.