Memory Keeper: Meet Erik Jason Carranza

The last year of your high school career is said to be the best, and that it should be the most memorable. Senior Erik Jason Carranza decided to document, through videos and pictures, his last few memorable months at Southwest Career and Technical Academy.

Carranza became well known for his photographs after bringing his camera to school to take pictures of his friends. After editing photos and sharing them on Facebook, he received positive feedback from his friends and continued to take his camera to school to take pictures. After exposing his work to the public, people that were interested in his photography skills asked him to take professional pictures for them.

“Photography will always be a hobby, I might open up a business for it in the future, but before that I’ll have a profession, hopefully, as a physical therapist,” explains Carranza, “For now I’m just doing small shoots for friends and getting some money and experience from them. If I do start making a lot of money from doing photography it would really help me out in life.”

The philosophy Carranza strives to accomplish is making his work original and unique. He believes that his photographs are different from others because of the way he carefully edits each aspect of a photo. He still asks for feedback from his friends in hopes to be a better photographer. He gains experience through the photo shoots he has and working with other people.

“Erik is an incredibly talented photographer who has a sharp eye for detail and a great sense of composition,” states photography teacher Mr.Tom Rizzo, “He won the first competition we had in class this year, and the judges from the community were very impressed with his abilities.”

Not only does Carranza find interest in photographs, he also enjoys making videos. Another “Youtuber” known as Shaycarl inspired him to video blog, or vlog, about his life.

“Originally, I started making vlogs because there were times where I just couldn’t remember the great times I had in the past, so I wanted to record my daily life so that I can look back and smile about what has happened,” says Carranza.

Erik Jason Carranza’s work can be found on multiple websites. To have a look at his photos you may visit or add him on his flickr account His videos are posted on his YouTube channel YoUncle4Life as well.