New college center assists senior classmen

A college center is now available for all students on campus. This was established in order to inform students about the different college procedures like how to register for scholarships, financial aid, or admissions.

“I am thankful for the college center because it really helped me think about my future,” says senior Khamsouk Sisomphou.

The purpose of the College Center is to inform students about what scholarships are currently available, as well as to help students make their college selections. The director of the college center is Mrs. Elena Clavel.

“I love the college center since Mrs. Clavel is very helpful, and I think it’s a great asset to our school,” comments senior Raina Benford.

Students from any grade level are invited to visit the college center and start building their own college based portfolio if they’re not yet a senior.

“I feel that the college center is beneficial to all the seniors because it provides us with information about all the different types of opportunities we have after high school. Mrs. Clavel guides us with everything we need to know regarding colleges, scholarship, and paths after we graduate which I think helps a lot,” explains senior Marclem Hernandez.

Computers are also set up to help assist students with filling out applications when they have an open period. There are also applications for community service activities that can be included on student’s resumes once they graduate.

“What I like to tell students is that I am just trying to inform them of opportunities that I would have liked to have known when I was their age.  I always thought that scholarships were for smart kids, and that is such a misconception. Looking back, I know I would have qualified for several scholarships, yet no one guided me through the scholarship/college process,” states Clavel.

An appointment is not necessary, as students can stop by before school, during lunch, after school, or during an open period.