Persistent dancer: Meet NeilAndrew Avenido

Nursing senior NeilAndrew Avenido at SWCTA wants to pursue his dream of becoming a professional dancer. Ever since he was little, Avenido had his mind set on becoming a dancer, but was not able to begin focusing on that dream until the beginning of his freshman year.

“The only way I can express myself is letting the emotion out through dancing. No matter what I do, dancing is there for me,” explains Avenido.

At first, Avenido had no idea what type of dancing he wanted to do, so he looked into many different styles of dancing.

“After looking and trying many different styles of dancing, I finally found that what suited me best was choreography,” describes Avenido.

Ever since then, he has practiced so he can get better and go professional. His work and effort gave him chances to perform in front of large crowds, like at school talent shows performing hip-hop choreography, and many think he has potential and stand behind him in all of his decisions regarding dancing.

“Every time I see Neil dance I’m speechless. Just the way he moves his body is perfect with the songs he chooses, and I could see him going far,” says Khai Bui, freshman.

Since his style of dance is hip-hop choreography, Avenido is compared to famous dancers like Brian Puspos from the famous dance crew, SoReal Cru, because of the way his body flows with the music. Avenido, like Puspos, creates choreography in a way that expresses himself through each routine flowing from beginning to end. Avenido has completed choreography to many songs, but the one he is known for is his choreography of famous singers work like Lil Wayne or Chris Brown, where he shows off his skills and the hard work he puts into a song.

“The way he moves his hands is like magic. It takes a lot of skill to move like Neil does, and it shows through his choreography,” describes Jonathan Sesgundo, senior.

Avenido is still at it working hard on each routine he does. He can still be seen dancing here at SWCTA, and will hopefully make it to the top.

“Dancing is pretty much everything to me, when I’m happy or sad, I can dance no matter what my mood is,” states Avenido.